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The information and guidance documents on this page provide students with key information on our Assessment Regulations, including the University Marking Scale and the Assessment Criteria, how to submit work, and what happens if you fail an assessment.

The regulations also describe the ways in which the University ensures that marking is fair and accurate through internal and external moderation.

At UAL, all our students’ work is marked against five assessment criteria: enquiry, knowledge, process, communication and realisation, which are each explained below. Please take time to think about these five criteria. Use them to help guide your learning, and ask your tutor how to make them work for you.

UAL Assessment Criteria

  • Assessment Criteria - Enquiry
    Assessment Criteria - Enquiry

    Enquiry is about active learning and reflection. It’s how you explore, research and learn about your subject. Enquiry is central to all creative learning at UAL.

  • Assessment Criteria - Knowledge
    Assessment Criteria - Knowledge

    Knowledge is about gathering information and enhancing understanding. It’s how you inform your work, explore diverse cultures and connections and appreciate what you do in a wider context.

  • Assessment Criteria - Process
    Assessment Criteria - Process

    Process is about your journey of learning. It’s how you take risks and experiment. And how you keep the creative momentum going — developing ideas from start to finish.

  • Assessment Criteria - Communication
    Assessment Criteria - Communication

    Communication is about telling the story of your learning and making. It’s how you share your learning with an audience, presenting and explaining your work to different people.

  • Assessment Criteria - Realisation
    Assessment Criteria - Realisation

    Realisation is about the work you create and how this reveals what you’ve learned. It’s taking a look back and evaluating the work you’ve produced.

2022-23 Assessment Regulations

The following regulations apply to all taught higher education students enrolling after 1 September 2017:

Assessment Regulations 22-23 (PDF 200KB)

Assessment Policy

The following policies apply to all taught higher education students enrolling after 1 September 2017:

Assessment Policy 19-20 (PDF 292KB)

Anonymous Marking Policy (PDF 99KB)

Assessment Feedback Turnaround Policy (PDF 96KB)

Inclusive Marking of Written Work Guidelines for Staff (PDF 101KB)

Guidance documents for Students

UAL 15 Point Marking Scale and Grade Calculation Explainer (PDF 163KB)

Adjusted Assessment Guide for Students 2020-21 (PDF 565KB)

Student Guide to Assessment Submissions 21-22 (PDF 145KB)

Student Guide to Failure and Retrieval 21-22 (PDF 565KB)

Understanding Written Assignments and their Assessment - Information for Students (PDF 92KB)

Assessment Criteria

The university has introduced new assessment criteria from the 2019/20 academic year. A small number of courses will continue using the previous marking criteria until the course is completed. Students should refer to their course handbook for confirmation of the criteria being used for their assessment.

New Assessment Criteria

Level 4 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 94KB)

Level 5 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 94KB)

Level 6 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 95KB)

Level 7 Assessment Criteria Descriptors (PDF 94KB)

Previous Assessment Criteria

Undergraduate Marking Criteria Matrix (PDF 124KB)

Postgraduate Marking Criteria Matrix (PDF 67KB) ‌