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Academic regulations

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Academic regulations

Important information about your rights and responsibilities as a student.

As a student at University of the Arts London, you are entering into a contractual agreement between you and the University. The agreement is formed of three key components which together form the Academic Regulations:

  • The Student Regulations
  • The Course Regulations
  • Your Course Handbook, which is available on your course Moodle site.

Each of these includes very important information which, as a student, you need to make sure you are aware of. Please take time to look through each section to make sure you know your rights and responsibilities as a student.

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    My Student Regulations

    Find out about the rules and regulations of the University, including your rights and responsibilities as a student and the contract into which you are entering.

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    My Course Regulations

    Find the full set of course regulations here including information on assessment and extenuating circumstances.

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    My Assessment

    Find everything you need to know about how you will be assessed including the marking criteria, marking scale, and when you can expect to receive feedback on your work.

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    Tutorial Policy

    Find out about tutorials at UAL. Tutorials are a highly valued part of your learning and you are entitled to a range of timely and appropriate support.

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    My Student Representation and Feedback

    Find out how to become a Course Representative and how your Course Rep can help you. Find out how we use your feedback to help improve your course.

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    My Complaints and Appeals

    Find out how to access the University's Student Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

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    Library Services

    Library Services offers a wide range of collections, services and facilities to support you in your written and practice-based work.

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    My Student Support

    Find out about the range of services we provide to help and support you during your time at UAL.

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