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UAL Graduate Showcase: practical info

Here is all the practical info you need about the UAL Graduate Showcase platform and how to upload your work.

Key dates

24 June - 8 July: you upload your work via Portfolio.

1 - 15 July: your course team will check your work.

8 - 22 July: your course team will curate your work.

End of July: launch of the UAL Graduate Showcase.

Creating your work

The work you create for this showcase may be different from the work you were planning for the physical shows. How the graduate showcase works, and the formats you can upload, will affect how you create and document your work.

We know that the quality, intelligence and creativity of your work will shine through, whether it’s presented virtually or physically. The platform will allow you to present the scope and diversity of your work in the best possible way.

Also, you don't have to create new work to upload to the Showcase. You can upload work you have already completed as part of your course.

We might live-stream shows or Q&A sessions, to recreate those crucial interactions that you get with a physical show.

Access to facilities and equipment

Some of you have asked about accessing UAL facilities to create or photograph your work for the Showcase. Until Government restrictions are lifted, all buildings at UAL are closed

We will update you as soon as this situation changes.

You also don't have to create new work for the Showcase. You can upload work you have already created for your course.

Fundraising for your work

In previous years, some students have raised their own funds to pay for elements of their degree shows. You don't need to raise any extra funds for the virtual Graduate Showcase.

Uploading your work

You will upload your work to the UAL Graduate Showcase, via Portfolio, from 24 June to 8 July.

All graduate work should be uploaded to the UAL Graduate Showcase virtual platform. This is the official platform that UAL and the Colleges will promote.

Please our guidelines on accepted file formats for the graduate showcase. We will update you as new media file types are added.

How work is selected

You will upload your work between 24 June and 8 July. Your work will then be checked and curated by your course team.

Timescales for displaying work

Work from this year’s graduates will be live on the showcase platform for a year. We will add more work from other courses over the coming year.

We are also looking at how we can archive work that is published on the showcase.

Browsing work on the showcase

We are working with IBM, our technology partners, to ensure that work can be browsed by student, course and College. You will also be able to search the site for work.

Virtual showcase/physical shows

The UAL Graduate Showcase is both virtual and physical. The platform, powered by IBM, is the virtual element, which will launch at the end of July.

Later in the year, subject to the lifting of Government restrictions, we want you to be able to showcase your work at a venue-based Graduate Showcase. When we know more, we'll let you know.

Coming soon

New guidance videos and documents are coming soon, including how to:

  • create a great Graduate Showcase
  • upload your project
  • write about your work
  • sell your work
  • best use the templates
  • create an accessible experience
  • protect your intellectual property.