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Essential coronavirus info
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Using the LCC building – 2021

LCC Exterior
LCC Exterior

Written by
LCC Internal Communications
Published date
02 March 2021

As UAL works to re-open its buildings from March 2021, this page provides advice and guidance specific to London College of Communication.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and student communities is our absolute priority and these measures are in place to protect us all. Your cooperation with these measures and observing the social distancing requirements will be a valued contribution to keeping our LCC community safe.

For more information about the University’s Exit Lockdown strategy, visit the Coronavirus: important information web page.

Building opening hours

You should only attend the LCC building either on your timetabled day or if you have a booking for a technical space or the Library.

Please remember that you will need your ID card to gain entrance to the LCC building and you will also be asked to sign-in at the Information Centre on arrival.

12 April – 24 June 2021

  • Monday – Friday, 10am-9pm (Library open until 10pm)
  • Saturday, 10am-5pm (Library open until 8pm)
  • Sunday, 10am-8pm (Library only; the wider LCC building will be closed)

Summer term building access

From the start of the summer term (Monday 12 April), the University will return to the blended-learning model, meaning a combination of online and in-person teaching.

As per the 2020 autumn term, at LCC this will be 2 days per week scheduled access to campus for in-person teaching and access to workshops, studios and other specialist facilities.

You will have received further information from your course teams, including details about your timetabled access.

In addition to your scheduled days, LCC students will also be able to access technical spaces and the Library at any time these resources are open, subject to space availability and provided a booking is made in advance.

You must have either a timetabled session or a relevant booking, such as in the Library or with a technical space, to access the site. There is no general access to the College site.

Please also remember to bring your student ID card.

Advising us whether you will study online or via blended learning

While we encourage you to return to campus as soon as you can, we recognise that not all students will be able to join us in person during the summer term.

Whether you will be continuing your studies remotely or attending blended learning in person, it is vital that you inform us of your intentions. You should do this by completing the simple form on your UAL portal.

You should continue to engage with the online learning elements of your course at all times.

If your situation changes during the term and you are able to return to campus, or vice-versa, and need to leave London, you must update your student portal as soon as possible and let your course leader know.

Technical spaces

Summer term

Students at LCC will be able to book technical spaces on any day of the week, regardless of their timetabled days, subject to opening times and availability. Book a technical space via ORB.

Online technical support

LCC’s technical team will continue to provide online teaching and support.

More information for students, including contact details and resources, is available on the LCC Technical Resources Moodle site.

LCC Library and Learning Zone

The Library at LCC is open for bookings for study space, printing, click-and-collect, and returning items.

Bookings can be made on UAL's Library Bookings web page.

The LCC Learning Zone will be closed due to building works until further notice.

Access for LCC library

Access to the LCC Library will be via the Workshop block, rather than the LCC canteen.

Posters directing you of the access route are in place.

Information Centre

Summer term-time services: 12 April – 25 June

Reception Desk for general information and signposting

  • Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 7pm

On-course support

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 9.30pm – 4.30pm

Letter requests and one-to-one assistance

  • Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Letter Requests

The Information Centre can produce the following types of letters

Student Status

Student Status letters can be used for Schengen Visa appointments. Log in to SITS and access this letter in the 'My Study Details' tab.

Council Tax

Log in to SITS and access this letter in the 'My Study Details' tab.

Bank Letters

Please make sure you have both the name and address of the bank branch that your appointment is with before requesting this letter from our front of house assistants.

Please note: you must be enrolled before you can access these letters.


Before you collect your bursary cheque, please have your student ID card ready to present to the Information Centre team.

Student ID cards

New student ID cards can be printed off by our Front of House Assistants from Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm.

Tuition fees

For specialist tuition fee assistance, please email our Fees Manager,

For all other enquiries, please speak to one of our Front of House Assistants.


To contact the Information Centre, please email

On-site catering

The canteen at LCC will be closed until further notice. This is due to the COVID-19 asymptomatic testing centre currently constructed in the LCC canteen area.

The Typo Café will be open Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm, selling cold food and hot and cold drinks. There will be no hot food due to the closure of the LCC canteen. The Typo Café will be operating a 10% discount during this time.

A managed queuing system continues in place in the Typo Café to ensure social distancing is observed.

Microwaves in the Typo Café will be in use.

Water dispensers on-site are operational and have instructions for safe use.

artsshop at LCC closure

The artsshop at LCC will be closed until further notice, during the duration of the COVID-19 asymptomatic testing centre.

COVID-19 asymptomatic testing centre at LCC

LCC will once again host UAL’s COVID-19 asymptomatic testing centre, open from 8 – 26 March and 12 – 23 April..

Visit the UAL COVID-19 testing page to book a test and find out more.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the network of community testing centres in London and beyond, to minimise the need for travel. Find out about community testing centres in your area.

Using the LCC building

Entering and exiting the LCC building

Students are expected to enter and exit the building through the usual front entrance.

A one-way system is in place at the building entrance, with one door for entering and one door for exiting. Signage is in place to make this clear.

A managed queuing system will be in place outside the building to ensure social distancing is maintained in the entrance area and by the Information Centre. You may wish to bring an extra layer of clothes in case you are required to queue outside the building before entering.

The barriers at the front of the building will be operational as usual.

Students are reminded they will need their ID cards to gain entrance to the building.

Dispersing away from the building when taking a break

Students who are taking a break from the building (e.g. to smoke) will be encouraged to disperse away from the building, rather than gathering on the plaza area outside the entrance.

This is to reduce the risk of crowds gathering outside the front of the building and to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

Building evacuation procedures

In a building evacuation everyone should leave the building as quickly as possible following UAL’s current requirements for evacuations.

It is of increased importance that staff disperse away from the front of the building to ensure social distancing is maintained.

UAL will continue to use assembly points, but staff and students are expected to social distance and use face coverings at all times in these instances.

The assembly point for LCC is St Mary’s Churchyard, near Pret a Manger.

If anyone feels threatened or unable to safely social distance in these instances at the designated assembly point, they should disperse away from the building and return after 20 minutes.

The University will prioritise safety during incidents in line with the Government’s guidance. This means that in an emergency, for example a fire, people do not have to maintain social distancing if it would be unsafe.

Use of windows for ventilation

To increase ventilation inside the building, many windows will be left open to allow air to circulate. Please do not close these windows.

As a result, you may also want to consider bringing an extra layer of clothes as the building may be cooler than usual.

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