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Student exchange: Wei-En Chen at Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen

A bright orange building in the background with a young Asian man on a bike cycling past it
A bright orange building in the background with a young Asian man on a bike cycling past it

Written by
Cat Cooper
Published date
04 May 2021

Wei-En is now in his third year of BA Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication, UAL. He took an Erasmus student mobility exchange spending 5 months in Copenhagen from February to June 2020, attending the BA Visual Communication class at Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation (KADK), Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wei-En says the exchange exceeded his expectations – even with the unexpected experience of the pandemic and lockdown in a foreign country.

New learning and teaching styles

"I would be super anxious about my career if I had not met the amazing and hardworking classmates in KADK, who I found really inspired me.

KADK has quite good vibe of learning and spacious studio space for every student. And it has quite a different ways of teaching as well as structure compared to LCC. The theoretical thinking towards design helps students learn not only know how to do by hands, but is also a great study resource.

Personally presenting to the group ahead of an exam allowed us to recap what we learnt through the journey and provided an opportunity to speak to tutors on a panel - just like presenting to a client in real world. These are different experiences than I had at LCC and I felt lucky to gain a new way of learning."

A desk with lots of learning materials and anatomical diagrams and an open laptop screen
Studies at KADK

Loving Nordic culture

What stood out to Wen-Chen about his time abroad was being able to really immerse in the culture and the people:

“Meeting people from other countries, such as Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, as well as the local Nordic people is the most memorable experience I had in KADK. It would be really hard to know Nordic culture in depth as a tourist, but as a student, I could get extra knowledge from word of mouth and of course, in a party!

I didn’t know a work-and-life balance until living in Denmark. I wasn’t aware of how comfortable is to ride on a bike and the freedom to visit anywhere until living in Copenhagen."

 A river and buildings with a white blossom tree in the foreground

More information

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Don’t hesitate to apply. It might be a bit of an annoying process to finish some of the paperwork but it truly broadened my vision. This is a great chance to live abroad for an enough time to dive into the culture and life there.

— Wei-En Chen