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Written by Sebastian May
Published date 15 August 2019

If you had a account, it has now been updated to LinkedIn Learning.

Your previous content and learning activity and history – including courses in progress and bookmarks – have been seamlessly transferred to LinkedIn Learning.

This means you can continue to enjoy all the same content free of charge, but on a brand new platform. LinkedIn Learning aims to provide more relevant recommendations, ensuring a personalised learning experience based on trending skills in your particular field.

By now you should have received an email asking you to activate your LinkedIn Learning account.

What you need to do

  • Simply follow the link in the email to register with LinkedIn Learning to access your history on the new platform. You don’t need to have a LinkedIn account to sign up to LinkedIn Learning.
  • You will be offered the choice to opt-in and link your personal LinkedIn account to your UAL LinkedIn Learning account, but this is entirely your personal choice. If you choose to do this, UAL won’t get to see your personal LinkedIn account, any searches or connections that you have made.

If you haven’t received this email, visit the UAL LinkedIn Learning login page and follow the instructions. A helpful guide to LinkedIn Learning and what is on offer to UAL staff and students is also available.

Should you have any issues, please contact the Library ASK support service and log a call.