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Group of students talking

Hear from other students

Written by Sebastian May
Published date 09 August 2019

Hear from students about their experience studying and learning at UAL

If you’re getting ready to arrive at UAL in September, visit our ‘wall’ of Student Voices and hear from students about their university experience. Aligned with UAL’s course inductions and general welcome activities, Student Voices has been developed to prepare you for studying and learning at UAL.

  • "I was just a bit worried I'd find it difficult to be open to ideas... and not just restricted to what I'd like to do." - Ayaba
  • "I went from a sixth form wearing business suits to coming here wearing whatever I want." - Frank & Nicolas
  • "Experiment. Try different things. Talk to people - see what they've done." - Katie & Elise

We asked students what they wish they had known about studying before coming to UAL. Their reflections were edited into a series of audio interviews, providing rich and diverse views from students about their individual experiences. The audio collection includes both short and long versions of all interviews and can be accessed online.

About Student Voices

‘UAL Student voices’ was developed by Academic Support to offer clear practical information to new and potential students about what it is like to study and learn at UAL, academically, culturally and socially. We felt the best people to give this are the students, so we invited any current student to come and talk about their experiences of UAL. Interviews were recorded and edited by staff with final approval from the students. The overriding question asked in each interview was ‘what do you wish you’d known about studying at UAL before coming?

This is an on-going project so, if you are a current UAL student and would like to take part in the project, please email us at