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Create the World at Central Saint Martins

A pen drawing of a human character and the words Create The World
  • Written byInternal Communications
  • Published date 13 February 2023
A pen drawing of a human character and the words Create The World
Create the World

Create the world is a programme of events, workshops and talks centring around worldbuilding, nurturing creative collaboration and encouraging relationships between students across pathways (MA and BA) at CSM.

Through experiments and discussions Create the world will explore the empowering collective practice of worldbuilding, and the consciousness and culture creating capabilities of creativity.

Curated by students for students, this programme offers a diverse range of eminent creatives from a broad range of practices and approaches, providing participants with an opportunity to activate the limitless potential of the CSM community. Sharing information and educating each other through our respective practices, on our way towards shared dreams and ideas.

All events are extracurricular and open to Central Saint Martins students. Numbers are limited: please only sign up if you are committed to attending to ensure as many are able to attend as possible.

Theo Turpin

23 February 5-7pm

Create the World with Theo Turpin

Theo Turpin is an internationally exhibited artist and writer based in London. His work ranges from installations to wearable editions, short stories and audio pieces. Starting from a process of writing speculative fiction he is concerned with how narrative worlds can be built and expanded outwards through the space of the exhibition and beyond. Asking what the limits of porosity to the artistic work are. This process of world building explores how language, narrative and romance combine to make ideal and idealised space, storied dreams lived and built around us in real time.

Theo will be doing a writing workshop, discussing the main themes of worldbuilding, and creating opportunity for students to experientially interact with these themes.

Adam James

27 February 5.30-7.30pm

Create the world with Adam James

Adam James is an internationally exhibited artist (Tate, Serpentine, ICA, RCA amongst others) who makes sculptural objects, environments and live and digital works which emanate his steadfast involvement in the use of live action role play (LARP) as a tool to explore empathetic processes. Within his live works, James invites participants to assume roles and characters within a loose fiction with the goal of overcoming real or fictionalised oppositions. James uses LARP as a tool to trigger, on a micro level, future possibilities, new forms of collaborative democracy and the temporary dismantling of hierarchies.

Adam invites you to participate in a collective play experience where you will co-create a new language from scratch. You don’t need to bring anything other than a willingness to participate. Our session together will begin with some relational games to shake ourselves awake, before moving into a collective reimagining of everything around us and eventually the renaming of ourselves.

Martin Boyce

3 March 5-7pm

Create the World with Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce is an internationally renowned Turner Prize winning sculptor, with a permanent outdoor installation at Tate Britain. Boyce is an artist whose sculptural works recall and reference the materials, textures and forms of the built urban environment. Using the iconography of both the everyday and the history of modern architecture and design, his sculptural installations form immersive environments and poetic landscapes.

Martin will be delivering a talk and workshop where students will be asked to bring objects of any kind, symbolic of the ideas and values most prescient of their imagined future worlds. The workshop will explore the dialogue, ideas and landscapes that are born out of these different objects being placed in relationship to one another.

John Tresch/The Warburg Institute

8 March, 4-6pm

John Tresch/ The Warburg Institute

John Tresch’s research examines changing methods, instruments, and institutions in the sciences, arts, and media from the early modern period to the present, as well as connections among disciplines, practices, and cosmology. He has published two books on 19th century sciences and their connections to technology, arts, literature, and politics. From 2005-2018 he taught History and Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia; he has held fellowships at the New York Public Library, the Institute for Advanced Studies, and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, and has been visiting researcher at King's College London and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

The Warburg Institute is one of the world’s leading centres for studying the interaction of ideas, images, and society. It houses an open-stack library of more than 380,000 rare and modern volumes still organised using Warburg’s original structure, as well as a Photographic Collection with more than 400,000 images and one of the most complete archives of any research centre in the humanities.

John will be leading a tour around the Warburg, discussing this library’s fascinating structure and contents and having a discussion with the students that centres around magic and science, their shred history, continued relationship and their relevance to artists and creators.

Waste Paper Opera

9 March 4-7pm

Create the World with Waste Paper Opera

Waste Paper Opera is an experimental music theatre collective currently based in London. Defining ‘Waste Paper’ as any found text with the potential for recontextualization, they write music, build structures, make costumes, and write stories using Waste Paper. Exploration of the possibilities for collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and multimedia ‘worlding' from opera is the nervous system of their work. They work with performers, researchers, artists and makers from a spectrum of fields to converge perspectives and inputs. Their work destabilises dominant narratives and linear causal relations. They examine the power of narrative to convey knowledges of storytelling to distribute new scientific paradigms, and of language to generate possibilities for the human within ‘nature’. They turn to AI and the biology of parasites for models of being in the world. Fictions told from multiple human and non-human perspectives explore timescales from the life cycles of viruses to the cosmic and interlace frontier technology and historical myth.

Klara and James (Waste Paper Opera) will be delivering a workshop in which we will collectively dive into the ideas surrounding worlding and its conscious material expression into worldbuilding through theatre design.

Estelle Birch and Josh Farmer - NTS Radio

13 March 5-7pm

Create the World with Estelle Birch and Josh Farmer – NTS Radio

Estelle and Josh are radio producers / DJ's at NTS radio. NTS is a global radio platform broadcasting music from over 50 cities around the globe, live 24/7.

Estelle and Josh will be doing a talk and workshop on the power of music in terms of creating community and culture and delving into the bricks and mortar of what it takes for the team at NTS to take an idea from their drawing boards into reality.

Ben Okri

17 March, 6.30-8pm - UAL-wide admission

Create the World with Ben Okri

Ben Okri is a poet, playwright, and novelist. Among his many accomplishments, he has published Booker Prize winner THE FAMISHED ROAD, and ASTONISHING THE GODS, which was selected as one of the BBC’s ‘100 novels that shaped our world.’ In 2018 he adapted Camus' 'The Outsider' for The Coronet Theatre to much critical acclaim, which won The Offies Award for Best Theatre Production. His most recent works include the novel THE FREEDOM ARTIST, a volume of short stories, PRAYER FOR THE LIVING, his latest book of poems, A FIRE IN MY HEAD, his environmental fable for all ages, EVERY LEAF A HALLELUJAH, and the novel THE LAST GIFT OF THE MASTER ARTISTS.

His work has been translated into more than 27 languages. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and has won numerous international prizes. His poem following the Grenfell Tower tragedy was widely viewed on television and on social media. He has been a Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts at Trinity College, Cambridge and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He was awarded an OBE in 2001.

After the talk, there will be a book stall and Ben will be doing signings.

Aaron Angel

20 + 21 March, 10.30am -1pm and 2-4.30pm 

Create the World with Aaron Angell at Troy Town, Hoxton

Multiple workshops between 10am and 6pm, offsite at Tory Town Pottery in Hoxton. 8 student per workshop.

Aaron Angell is an internationally exhibited ceramic artist. His work is in the permanent collection of Tate, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Arts Council. Solo exhibitions of his work have been held at Studio Voltaire, GoMA, and Kunstverein Freiburg. Troy Town Art Pottery is Aaron Angell’s Ceramic studio. It is a radical and psychedelic workshop for artists and began as the first sculpture-specific ceramic workshop for artists in the UK. It also runs a youth led employment initiative Hoxton Gardenware.

Aaron will be delivering ceramic tile workshops at troy town, helping students create ceramic expressions of their imagined futures.

Ben Broome

12 April, 6-8pm

Create the World with Ben Broome

Ben Broome (b 1994) is a London based curator focusing primarily on artists working at the convergence of mediums: musical performance and performance art, film and video art etc. With a human centric approach to curation and the resulting art viewership, Broome sets out to create a borderless nucleus for artists and viewer alike, creating space for cross-generational exchange and attempting to engage new audiences (often through varied programming).

Ben will host a dinner party for attendees of his Create The World event, exploring in the process his interests in art world entry points and reasons to gather: attempting to create a space without hierarchy and conducive to conversation and discourse.

Good Teeth

13 April, 5-7pm

Create the World with Good Teeth

Good Teeth is a theatre design studio founded by artists and designers James Perkins & Victoria Smart. They formed Good Teeth after a decade of collaboration and have a focus on sustainable careers.

They have collaborated on designs for venues including Lyric Hammersmith, Hampstead Theatre, Storyhouse Chester and Shakespeare's Globe. As well as their work as Good Teeth, James has been involved in a series of immersive story events at nightclubs, art galleries and theatres both nationally and internationally and Victoria has delivered workshops at Museum of London, Coin Street Community Builders, and Lewisham Arthouse. They are Artistic Associates at Lyric Hammersmith.

Good Teeth will deliver a workshop exploring scale and drawing to develop world-building ideas from previous workshops into a collective outcome. Participants will journey through materialising ideas using narrative design techniques used in theatre practice.

Rain Wu

17 April, 5-7pm

Create the World with Rain Wu

Rain Wu (* 1987, Tainan) is a Taiwanese artist and architect based in London. Her work is conceptually driven and materialises in different forms and scales from drawing, sculpture, food performance to architectural installation. She works with perishable materials to instigate discussions around our manifold relationships with nature.

Mac Collins

20 April, 5-7pm

Create the World with Mac Collins

Join Mac Collins in imagining, designing and fabricating objects which not only populate your world but thematically frame and enter into dialogue with how you are situated.

Mac Collins is an artist and designer whose work sits at the intersection of rational design and conceptual art. His work spans furniture, objects, installation, sculpture and product design. Through his work, Collins seeks to observe and critique aspects of the systems he exists in. Inspired by the stories of his grandmother who arrived in the UK as part of the Windrush Generation, Collins explores his position in the Caribbean diaspora and contemporary British society at large.

Alongside his design practice, Collins also lectures at Nottingham Trent and Northumbria University. He is the 2022 recipient of the Design Museum’s Saltzman Prize and the 2021 winner of the Emerging Designer Medal at the London Design Medal Awards.

Public Works


Public Works is a not-for-profit design studio established in 2004 "that occupies the terrain in-between architecture, art and performance". Public works create projects that investigate how users engage with public space, devising strategies for supporting social, cultural and other initiatives in both urban and rural contexts. They employ playful methods to involve local users, residents and

passers-by in their projects, often making interventions on site in order to inform and expand a given brief.

Public works will be delivering a talk on their practice and how their conception of architecture practice aligns with the ideas around worlding and worldbuilding - as well as reflecting on the Create the World programme.