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05 October 2016

SensuAccess image of top hat and magic wand.

For Dyslexia Awareness Week 2016, UAL are launching a brand new service called SensusAccess. SensusAccess allows anyone with a UAL email account to upload a document and convert it to a more accessible format.

Text on almost any format can be converted into an audiobook, Word document or e-book. You can even take a photo on your phone of a poster or page of text and get it converted.

The service is not just for staff and students with a specific learning difficulty; it’s helpful for anyone who would like a document converted into a different format, such as from PDF to an editable Word document.

SensusAccess is an automated service and is free to use for UAL staff and students.

Create accessible copy with SensusAccess

Almost one in four students at UAL, and one in eight staff members, have a specific learning difficulty. UAL is committed to achieving inclusion and equality for all students and staff.