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Seaweed wonderland

photograph of display cabinet contents and typed description
photograph of display cabinet contents and typed description
Seaweed wonderland display cabinet LCF Library Materials Collection
Written by
Billie Coxhead
Published date
22 January 2020
display cabinet with a row of test tubes containg various coloured fibres
Contents of Seaweed wonderland display cabinet CSM Library Materials Collection

Lu Zhou (LCF MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Lu worked with Chinese scientists at Qingdao Yuanhai New Material Technology Co. Ltd to develop and promote seaweed fibre fabric in the UK fashion industry for her nightwear collection.

Sustainability is inherently part of the project, from the choice of material to the design of products. Lu endeavours to produce healthy, environmentally friendly and fashionable nightwear for customer benefits as well as the environment.

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