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AKO Storytelling Institute

City photos on rolling paper
City photos on rolling paper
City photos on rolling paper, Hai Hui Xiong, MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts

Where creative practice meets social transformation

About us

The AKO Storytelling Institute works at the intersection of storytelling and social change. As a part of University of the Arts London’s new Social Purpose Group, our mission is to enable storytellers and campaigners to make a greater social impact through their work. Through interdisciplinary experimentation and collaboration, we develop evidence-based approaches to the theory and practice of storytelling-for-change.

Our research programme is oriented towards fostering real world change through the development of theories, methods and toolkits for storytellers and campaigners to use further afield. We share what we find through public events and media such as podcasts, blogs and videos, as well as traditional academic research outputs.

We are early in our journey setting up the Institute.  If you are a creative, campaigner or researcher interested in the potential of storytelling-for-change, we’d love to hear from you.

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The AKO Storytelling Institute has been established with the generous support of the AKO Foundation, as part of UAL Social Purpose Group.