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Valerie Mace

Course Leader BA (Hons) Design for Branded Spaces
London College of Communication
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Valerie  Mace


Valerie's research is grounded in phenomenological-ecology and situated in multi-sensory practices for experiential design. In her work, she integrates interdisciplinary perspectives to investigate embodied experiences, emotional qualities, and synergies between the micro and macro-scales of perception; to enhance and enrich relational contexts between people and environment. She is conducting PhD research at Central Saint Martins, and to redefine personalisation as a dimension of intimacy for the public realm, Valerie's PhD investigates how design can cultivate visitors' ability to develop positive emotional connections towards the environment the public interior, and aims to develop a sensori-emotional framework for experiential design.

Valerie regularly contributes to journal publications, conferences and seminars, and through her research, has designed sensory activities for a number of universities including the Royal College of Arts, Central St Martins, ESDI Higher School of Design and the University of Navarra. She is also guest editor on "Multisensory Research and Design for Health and Wellbeing in Architectural Environments", a Special issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, and contributed a chapter on ‘Transient Domesticity in the Urban Interior’ in ‘Interior Futures’ published in 2019.

Grants and awards

(Figures indicate amount awarded to UAL)

  • London College of Communication, Internationalisation activities, £5,360.00, (2018-2019)
  • London College of Communication, Internationalisation activities, £5,360.00, (2018-2019)