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Dr Nicky Ryan

Dean of Design School
London College of Communication
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Nicola  Ryan


Nicky Ryan is Dean of Design at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. She is an art and design writer, researcher and experienced academic leader with expertise in strategic and operational leadership and course portfolio management. Nicky is a qualified teacher at undergraduate and postgraduate level and is experienced in supervising and examining PhD candidates. She has been External Examiner for Critical and Historical modules at Napier University, Kingston University, Edinburgh College of Art and KLC.

Nicky’s writing and research has broadly focused around contemporary spatial practices and cultural institutions. Her undergraduate and postgraduate studies were in the History of Art and Architecture and her PhD thesis examined the relationship between museums and the market. Postdoctoral research has further explored collaborations between business and the arts and the physical spaces in which these relationships are embodied. This interdisciplinary research has resulted in a body of publications in relation to contemporary patronage; branded spaces; museums and curating and culture-led regeneration. For a decade Nicky was a reviewer for the Museums Journal, and has worked on live projects and collaborations with cultural institutions involving curating exhibitions, events, catalogues and websites.

Research Outputs



Current research students

  • Karel Doing, How can expanded cinema be used as a tool to envision a posthuman future? (Lead supervisor)
  • Katie Hayes, Graphic Design and the gallery: What are the implications of the increased display of graphic design texts and process in museum and gallery spaces? What impact does exhibition design and curating practice have on the understanding of those texts and practices? (Lead supervisor)
  • Demetra Kolakis, [un] Folding Fashion Spaces: An investigation of the mediatization of fashion from concept to consumption. (Lead supervisor)
  • Demetra Kolakis, '[un] Folding Fashion Spaces: Mediatization of Fashion Practices, Materiality and Place.' (Lead supervisor)
  • Wong Sandra Kwok Kei, Cultural Translation: An Analysis of Chinese Tropes in Emerging Luxury Chinese Lifestyle-Fashion Brands (Lead supervisor)
  • Kwok Wong, Cultural Translation: An Analysis of Chinese Tropes in Emerging Luxury Chinese Lifestyle-Fashion Brands (Lead supervisor)