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Naomi Dines

Tutor 3D
Central Saint Martins
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Naomi  Dines


Human embodiment, perception and systems of knowledge, belief and understanding; role of context, artefact and iconography in the production of cultural meaning; relation between representation and actuality in artworks and other experience; role of museology and anthropology in the creation and interpretation of artefacts.

Naomi Dines' artistic practice is principally concerned with human relations, perceptions and conditions, and uses many different methods - from installation and objects, to digital, photographic and video images - to tackle issues of embodiment, experience, representation and understanding. Her work often engages directly with specific places, exploring the human implications of different systems, environments and scenarios.

Current research concerns centre around the role of particular elements in helping to generate meaning in cultural production. These include the contributions and considerations of context, artefact and iconography in relation to the use of installation, object and imagery in fine art practice. They explore the relation between representation and apparent actuality, producing artworks as if they were the result of other cultural processes, and can call on their additional implications. The work attempts to slip new images, objects and environments into the real, and to call on the various modes, histories and contexts of other disciplines and locations to enrich the experience and understanding of artworks.

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