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Monica Biagioli

Senior Lecturer Design Innovation
London College of Communication
Researcher Research
Monica  Biagioli


My practice and research are interlinked. The work I do is collaborative and interdisciplinary. I contribute art and design approaches to enhance a process of discovery or an exchange of ideas. Graphic prototyping as an aid in communication and discovery. My focus is more and more on developing workshops, tools, and methodologies. The emphasis is on process more than outcome.

My academic writing tests theoretical directions for my work. I also use it to present research conducted. In a recent publication, I explored the role informal spaces play in communication. This exploration underpins my process both in research and in teaching. In a book published last year, I applied a technique from the social sciences to an art project I completed. This was an exploration of art as social value.

I am a member of the Photography and the Archive Research Centre. I am also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. My past projects include curation and art installation. Currently I am collaborating on projects with institutions in the UK.

Research Outputs


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Communication and graphic design
Curation and culture
Fine art