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Monica Biagioli

Senior Lecturer Design Innovation
London College of Communication
Researcher Research
Monica  Biagioli


The work I do is collaborative and interdisciplinary. I contribute art and design approaches to enhance a process of discovery or an exchange of ideas. This could be in the form of graphic prototyping as an aid in communication and discovery. It could also be project development and exhibition design.

My research and practice are interlinked. The emphasis is on how a creative process can support understanding and reflection. This translates in practice to the use of arts based methods in activities and in evaluation, with special attention to the role that informal spaces play in communication.

My academic writing tests theoretical directions for my work. I also use it to present research conducted. My recent ‘Unfold’ publication, is both an artwork and a physical representation of my collaborative research.

In my practice, I aim to test ideas emerging in my research. I designed, project managed and delivered the Health and Care Expo 2022 for the North West region of the UK. This involved a virtual exhibition and a live programme of presentations and discussions of research conducted in health and care.

I am a member of the Photography and the Archive Research Centre and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. My projects include curation, project development, and the use of arts based methods to develop understanding.