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Monica Biagioli

Senior Lecturer, Design Innovation
London College of Communication
Researcher Research
Monica  Biagioli


Monica Biagioli is a researcher at the Photography and the Archive Research Centre and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She has interlinked practice and theory throughout her career with an emphasis on cultural heritage and social value, developing projects on London 2012 (Sound Proof 2008-2012), and for Radar Project (Venice and Weimar 2003), Cybersalon (Dana Centre, Science Museum 2005), and Anti Design Festival (London Design Festival 2010).

She is currently collaborating on research in applied arts and design approaches within the organisational context. Her chapter addressing that work is published in the book Integrating Art and Creativity into Business Practice (2017).

The Royal Geographical Society awarded her the Gildea Award for Sound Proof 1 (the first exhibition in the Sound Proof series). A chapter accounting for the social value of the independent artistic work produced for that exhibition is published in the book Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping (2018).

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Communication and graphic design
Curation and culture
Fine art