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Professor Mick Grierson

Professor and Research Leader - UAL Institute for Creative Computing
University of the Arts London
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Mick  Grierson


Mick Grierson is Research Leader, UAL Creative Computing Institute. His research explores new approaches to the creation of sounds, images, video and interactions through signal processing, machine learning and information retrieval techniques.

Mick is also the director of the Daphne Oram Collection, and co-founder of the Daphne Oram Trust. Hardware and software based on his research has been widely used by world leading production companies, tech start-ups and artists including the BBC, Channel 4, Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Christian Marclay, Martin Creed, Jai Paul and many others.

He is Principal Investigator on the £1million Artificial Intelligence project MIMIC, which is a partnership between Durham University, Sussex University, Goldsmiths College, and Google’s Project Magenta.

He is Academic Research Lead for the £1million 2018-2020 Wellcome Trust Hub, in collaboration with Heart n Soul, RCA Helen Hamlyn Centre and UCL CRAE

He is also Principal Investigator for the Institute of Coding's £1.4 million Future Projects Fund Project, "Creative Solutions to Digital Transformation", in collaboration with FutureLearn, Lancaster University, Goldsmiths College, NESTA and the Made Smarter Commission.

Mick is supervising PhD students in the following areas:

Applications of machine learning in the creative arts, including generative machine learning systems for image, video, sound and music generation; signal processing and information retrieval systems for image, video, sound and music analysis and synthesis; interactive systems design for film, video music, sound art, experimental cinema, installation art, physical computing, augmented and mixed reality; accessibility, co-design and co-research methods in HCI.

Grants and awards

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Research Outputs

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Current research students

  • Geoff Davis, Story generating software from styling texts (narrow AI) to plots and complex stories (general AI) (Lead supervisor)
  • Zhengdong He, Machine Learning Audio Synthesis Methods for Musical Sound Exploration and Modulation (Lead supervisor)
  • Angus Main, Co-designing with AI: Design Approaches to Creativity Support with Imbedded Artificial Intelligence (Lead supervisor)
  • Jussi Nybom, Data Driven Approaches to Narrative Personalisation Through Psychologically Motivated Models (Working Title) (Lead supervisor)
  • Geoff Smith, Creative control of neural synthesis (Lead supervisor)


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