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Mario Rossi

2D Pathway Leader
Central Saint Martins
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Mario  Rossi


Mario gained an MA at Royal College of Art London. He has been a Gulbenkian Rome Scholar, undertaken a fellowship in Creative Art, from Trinity College, Cambridge University and gained a Fulbright Award for Visual Art.

My research ranges across various media and specifically, in terms of production, focuses on painting; its enduring potential both as a space of action and encounter, in relation to dominant modes of representation and distribution.

I have recently been making work and exhibitions that place painting in an uncomfortable relation to itself, institutional procedure and the political subject. I am currently revisiting what might be considered the overdetermined subject of the 'seascape', which in relation to the issues above re-emerges as a loaded but charged site. A screen onto which we project a sense of who we are, or imagine we might be. I am co-initiator of the on-going curatorial visual arts project ‘strangers to ourselves', which since 2001 has taken on various experimental exhibition forms responding to context and site. I am a member and regular contributor to Paint Club a University of the Arts research network that explores and debates what it means to research painting within the context of contemporary art practice.