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Elizabeth Peebles

Senior Lecturer
Chelsea College of Arts
Researcher Research
Elizabeth  Peebles


Elizabeth Peebles is Senior Lecturer on the Fine Art Programme at Chelsea. Research is structured as a critical practice articulated through Secondeditions, a collaborative partnership with artist Markus Eisenmann initiated in 2002.

Secondeditions is concerned with the relationship between art and the political. Departing from a de-propriationist premise the hierarchy of the originals has been succeeded by an equivalence of repetitions that explore the possibilities of trans-national, inter-cultural, de-institutionalised art practice.

Recent research has addressed the economic, social and political conditions that sustain the rise of simulacra and the coinciding loss of the sensible, embodied referent – and as such is no less likely than other forms of scholarly study to reproduce ideological assumptions, however their qualitative categories of rigor and trust are openly discussed.

Secondeditions’ projects align to concepts such as ‘thought as power’ (Sturtevant), ‘thought-things’ (Hannah Arendt), the ‘objectively visible’ (Gerhard Merz), the ‘ever changing multiplicity’ (Sarat Maharaj) and the ‘focus upon the marginalized’ (Raymond Williams).