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Duncan White

Research Fellow - Artists Moving Image
Central Saint Martins
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Duncan  White


Duncan White is a Research Fellow and Pathway Leader MRes Art: Moving Image at CSM. He received his PhD from Kingston University in 2007 for his thesis entitled ‘In the Territory: Concepts of Place in American Art, Film and Literature Since 1960’. White was awarded an MA with distinction from the University of London in 2002, where he received the Howell Daniels Dissertation Prize. Before receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Politics and American Studies at Sussex University, White went to school in Hackney, East London.

White is the co-author of Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance, Film (Tate Publishing), with A.L. Rees, David Curtis and Steven Ball. The book was commended in the 2012 Krasna-Krausz annual awards for new publications on film.

My research interests have developed broadly around film and performance practices in art. These include issues of representation, identity, trauma and loss as they have been interrogated since the middle of the Twentieth Century through to the present time.

I am currently finishing a book, entitled Never Connect, which considers the problems of researching periods in art history when art attempted, in various ways, to destroy itself leaving little in the way of what is traditionally thought of as ‘historical evidence’.

I have most recently published work on Expanded Cinema, Minimalism, Performance Art, and video installation. My poetry and fiction has been published in magazines and journals such as Hotel, Jacket, Blackbox Manifold and ETZ.


Current research students

  • Himar Bethencourt Reyes, Zoom Aesthetics. Tracking the Reflective Image in the Moving Image (Lead supervisor)
  • Aaron John Matthews, Derrida, and Writing the Events of 1968. (Lead supervisor)
  • Gina Franca Tomatore, Appropriation, Gesture and Detournement: An Interpretative Schema of Art Film Process tracing the Significance of Scratch Video from the Perspective of Contemporary Artists' Film and Video Practice in a Gallery Context. (Lead supervisor)

Past research students

  • James Robertson, Dispersed Narrative; A Reading of Contemporary Film and Video in the Gallery Context, 2000-2012. (Lead supervisor)