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Professor Danka Tamburic

Professor of Cosmetic Science
London College of Fashion
Researcher Research
Danka  Tamburic


Professor Slobodanka (Danka) Tamburic has a background in Pharmacy, with an MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has acquired extensive teaching and research experience in Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology from the University of Belgrade and a three-year postdoctoral research experience in Materials Science from the UCL School of Pharmacy.

In 2000, Professor Tamburic developed the first UK university degree solely devoted to cosmetic industry, the BSc Cosmetic Science at London College of Fashion, a predecessor of the current integrated MSc Cosmetic Science. She has led the course, and later the Science Programme, until 2014, establishing its international reputation.

Professor Tamburic has extensive experience in the area of skin research, including pharmaceutical and cosmetic aspects, with more than 150 research outputs in the public domain.

She has also contributed to book chapters, patent applications and pedagogic projects. Her research interests encompass the use of novel technologies in skin formulation and the assessment of various aspects of cosmetic product efficacy. She is also engaged in multi-disciplinary research, including the use of 3D printing and AI in cosmetic research.

Professor Tamburic is a leader of the Cosmetic Science Research Group and a member of the Fashion Business Research Group at London College of Fashion.

Professor Tamburic’s research is multidisciplinary, in response to the nature of her subject area. In her words:
'As individual sciences have become more and more compartmentalised, I realise that most of my excitement within the eclectic area of cosmetic research comes from connecting its various strands into meaningful ‘packages’ of new insights.'