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Benjamin Cain

Platform Leader Experience and Environment BA Graphic Communication Design
Central Saint Martins
Researcher Research
Benjamin  Cain


I am a London based Graphic Designer and Lecturer born in 1993. In 2015 I completed a BA at Central Saint Martins, going on to complete an MA at the Royal College of Art in 2017. Immediately after graduating I co-founded Studio Hyte, a graphic communication design practice, specialising in interactive and immersive visual identities and spatial experiences for clients with a passion for art, culture and accessibility.

We pride ourselves in being a socially engaged practice who collaborate with like-minded individuals to tackle today’s most pressing issues including radical accessibility, climate crisis, social justice and automation. Selected clients include:
Artangel, Art Jameel, Arts Council England, Automated Architecture, Birmingham City University, British Council, Forma, Furtherfield Gallery, Healing Justice London, Royal College of Art, Serpentine Galleries and Stanley Picker Gallery.

Having founded my own design studio, it is my goal to work alongside others in order to create spaces which can promote and sustain creative depth, critical dialogue and philosophical making processes. It is my belief that emergent visual practice can be used as a tool through which we can understand and improve the world around us.

In 2022 I was appointed as Platform Leader in Experience & Environment on BA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. Through pedagogy, I aim to discover new avenues for the progression of visual practice. Creating a feedback loop of inspiration and ideas, with the aim of motivating, teaching and learning simultaneously.

Within my pedagogic practice I focus on facilitating free thought, critical understanding and self expression. I believe that teaching is a social practice which has the power to liberate and empower people from all walks of life. It is my belief that creative education should be open, diverse and conversational, facilitating a situation in which students come to understand what matters most to them and how creative practice can be used as a tool to address these matters.

I am keen to utilise my experience and passion in order to run creative briefs and workshops, related to my practice within socially engaged experiential and environmental design and critical pedagogy.