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Dr Agnes Rocamora

Professor in Research
London College of Fashion
Researcher Research
Agnes  Rocamora


Dr. Agnès Rocamora is a Reader in Social and Cultural Studies at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. She is the author of Fashioning the City: Paris, Fashion and the Media. Her writing on the field of fashion and on the fashion media has appeared in various journals, including Fashion Theory, Journalism Practice, Sociology, Sociétés, and the Journal of Consumer Culture. She is a co-editor of Thinking Through Fashion: A Guide to Key Theorists, of The Handbook of Fashion Studies, and of Fashion Media: Past and Present, and a contributor to Fashion as Photograph, Critical Luxury Studies, and Fashioning Professionals. She is also a co-founder and co-editor of the International Journal of Fashion Studies and is on the editorial board of Cultural Sociology, dObras, and Fashion Studies. She is currently developing her work on digital fashion media.

I am currently conducting some research on fashion blogging (including interviews with fashion bloggers) as part of my wider work and interest in digital fashion media.

Research Outputs



Conference, Symposium or Workshop item


Current research students

  • Katherine Appleford, "Classifying fashion, fashioning class. " (Lead supervisor)
  • Eldina Begic, How to wear utopia: a dress manual for the socialist future. (Lead supervisor)
  • Sally Bolton, The fashion image: collaborative practice and convergence from 1990-2016. (Joint supervisor)
  • Kelly Dearsley, A comparative study of print and digital fashion media: reading practices and reception. (Lead supervisor)
  • Anna Camilla Flodin Dansk, The fashion GIF: A Study of a Developing Form of Digital Fahion Media Online (Lead supervisor)
  • Ane Lynge Jorlen, Reading Niche Fashion Magazines: Production, Text and Audience. (Lead supervisor)
  • Tolulope Omoyele, Africa Fashion Week London: An Exploration of Contemporary Cultural Identities 2011- 2015.
  • Johannes Reponen, Fashion Criticism and its Changing Contexts: A Practice-led Exploration into Writing for Print and online (Lead supervisor)
  • Emma Louise Rixhon, Not just a mannequin, not just a man: the effects of modelling work on young men (Lead supervisor)

Past research students

  • Nazli Alimen, Observant Muslims in Turkey: Creating Islamic Fashions and Constructing Islamic Identities.
  • Chitra Buckley, An investigation into the range, sources and implications of in-season fashion trend information on decision making for own-brand retailers operating in the UK. (Lead supervisor)
  • Elizabeth Lezley George, Deconstructing Fashion Identities: dress codes, modesty and fashion practices in the UAE. (Lead supervisor)
  • Morna Laing, The 'Woman-child' in Fashion Photography 1990 - 2015: Childlike Femininities, Performativity and Reception Studies. (Lead supervisor)
  • Rachel Lifter, Contemporary India and the Construction of Identity. (Lead supervisor)
  • Mario Roman, Styling Blokes and Bros; Representations of Fashion, Masculinities and the Nation in Contemporary Photo-spreads of American and British GQ Magazines (Lead supervisor)
  • Jennifer Rossi-Camus, Curating the Fashion Victim: Establishing Strategies for Exhibition-Making towards the Presentation of Fashion and Humour in Museums and Galleries. (Lead supervisor)
  • Renate Stauss, (Un)dressing the self: working with dress on concepts of self in therapeutic settings. (Lead supervisor)


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