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Embedding maths in creative teaching

Embedding maths in creative teaching

Embedding maths in creative teaching

UAL Awarding Body CPD event - 'Teaching maths and art'

In this workshop, you will discover ways to raise student attainment and embed maths into your creative lesson plans and teaching. You will be guided through a range of strategies and techniques to support your students with the development of their mathematical skills, rooted in their artistic practice. You will learn how maths is ever-present within our creative subjects and explore ways to use mathematical concepts as starting points for exciting projects. Our experienced facilitators will help you to deliver innovative student outcomes while addressing the STEAM agenda for Ofsted.

The workshop will feature presentations, discussion, and the demonstration of a practical creative task, which you will be encouraged to explore. In addition, you will also hear case studies highlighting the innovative embedding of maths within a range of creative teaching. The workshop will culminate in the sharing of assignment ideas, teaching strategies and enrichment possibilities.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the specific mathematical skills required by students to succeed in their chosen area of study
  • Discover ways to incorporate and embed relevant mathematical skills within the course(s) you are teaching
  • Explore how you might build your students’ confidence when applying their mathematical skills by using scenarios from their everyday study
  • Identify the maths that you are already using in your teaching and discover how this can be flagged, formalised and reinforced to meet Ofsted’s agenda
  • Devise and share suggestions of how maths might be used as the starting point for art and design projects in the classroom
  • Develop a written ‘Embedding Maths’ plan that addresses the needs of your individual courses or students
  • Establish how to reflect on your own learning, apply your findings in your teaching, and measure impact.

Who should attend?

Ideal for those who teach creative education at the following levels:

  • GCSE
  • AS level
  • A level
  • UAL Awarding Body (Levels 1-4)
  • BTEC
  • Access to Higher Education Art & Design

All levels of expertise and specialism are welcome.

About the facilitators

Elise Ruffell

Elise is an experienced lecturer of Art & Design and Mathematics within Further Education. She has taught students of various levels and age groups at several colleges. Elise has degrees in both Statistical Science and Ceramic Design and is an alumna of Central Saint Martins. She also holds an MA in Ceramics & Glass from the Royal College of Art and is currently a tutor on the RCA’s Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Education. Alongside teaching, Elise is a ceramic artist, producing colourful geometric sculptures.

Whilst teaching at Exeter College, Elise featured in the Ofsted ‘Achieving Success’ video suite, discussing the College’s successful approach to delivering mathematics to students studying creative disciplines.

Derek Johnson

Derek is Director of West Suffolk College’s School of Art and Design; a school with over 500 students and outstanding success rates across its level 1-4 and degree programmes. He has worked in creative education (both FE and HE) for over 25 years, specialising in drawing, photography and mixed-media work.

The Art School he manages has developed an annual MARS (Maths, Art, Religion and Science) Award, which has been highlighted as being as an outstanding innovation and has won a TES Award.


If you have questions about the UAL Awarding Body CPD programme, please email