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Coronavirus: update on 2021/22 academic year

We know it’s important to know what your teaching experience will look like next year.

Over the past year, an enormous amount of work has taken place in designing the delivery of your course to give you the best possible learning opportunities. We’ve learnt what works best in different situations for different courses and different groups of students and we have developed innovative ways of doing things.

Engaging with the full mix of on-campus and online learning, will mean you have a comprehensive student experience at UAL.

We know from experience that things can change very rapidly, so we have plans in place just in case we have to adapt to further restrictions or other events.

If there are further lockdowns, we will move our teaching online, as we have done over the last year. We will continue to update you if there are any significant changes to the delivery of your course.

Spring term

UAL expects students to join us for in-person study as soon as possible.

If you previously applied for Covid-Related Authorised Absence, it cannot be extended.

Delayed arrival

If you have not yet arrived in the UK, you should urgently contact your Course Leader or Programme Team (if you have not done so already).

If you don’t wish to join us on site for the spring term, you must take a formal time out (partial year out). You’ll break from your studies until the 2022/23 academic year. If you break before completing a unit or block, you may be asked to return at the start of that unit or block in autumn 2022.

Read our Student guide to taking time out (PDF 250KB) for details.

It’s also essential you contact our Student Advice Service for time out guidance that’s specific to your circumstances.

Xi'an and Yuzhou lockdown and disruption to travel in Kazakhstan

Students affected by the lockdown in Xi’an and Yuzhou and events in Kazakhstan may study remotely until 24 January.

If you are not able to arrive by this date, you must contact your Course Leader to discuss your options.

You should continue to engage with the online elements of your course. If the disruption is preventing you from completing or submitting coursework, you may be eligible for Extenuating Circumstances.

Student visa and Tier 4 visa holders: important information about returning to campus

When your authorised absence has ended you must attend your studies on site. Check your timetable to find out when you're due on site and where to go.

You must attend on site because it’s a condition of your visa. Your visa may be cancelled if you don’t attend when expected.

What to do when you arrive in the UK

1. Within 48 hours of arrival you must email your Programme Administration team. In your email:

  • include your Student ID number and full name
  • confirm when you arrived in the UK
  • tell us if you need to quarantine.

2. Log in to your UAL Portal, go to my Enrolment(s) > my Study Details >  Upload documents, then:

  • upload a photo or scanned copy of your boarding pass or e-ticket as evidence you’ve arrived in the UK. If you have a date stamped entry vignette you must also upload a photo or scanned copy of it.
  • update your term time address.

3. Attend on site when timetabled. Only attend once you’ve completed any required quarantine.

Study Abroad students 

If you’re an Integrated Study Abroad student or a Semester Study Abroad student you must participate in your programme from within the UK (unless your programme is fully online).

Postgraduate Research students (MPhil and PhD)  

Because your study is self-directed and all mandatory elements are online, you’ll only need to inform us of your need to take Covid-Related Authorised Absence if you require a visa to study with us. Notify us of your absence by emailing

If you’re a visa holder you must arrive in the UK on or before Wednesday 6 April 2022 in order to comply with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requirements.

Contact us

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