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WINNER at the Theatre Awards 2012 for ‘The Go Between’

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Published date 15 October 2012

*UPDATE since this was posted we are pleased to be able to announce that ‘The Go Between’ was the WINNER of ‘Best Musical Production’ at the Theatre Awards UK 2012 – beating the likes of Sweeney Todd to the top award! – Our congratulations to staff member Michael Pavelka and all involved! UPDATE*

A World Premier chamber opera production with set and costume designed by Michael Pavelka, ‘The Go Between’, has been nominated for

Best Musical Production at the Theatre Awards UK 2012.

The piece, written for an ensemble cast and grand piano, is based on LP Hartley’s 1953 novel. It’s a flash back; a ghost story – we all have our personal ghosts and this piece explores the depths of irretrievable regret.

Both the novel and production famously opens with the enigmatic words:

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”

Michael Pavelka who is also Lecturer and Reader at Wimbledon College of Art, says; “I responded to the text by David Wood, and particularly to the passionate and complex score by Richard Taylor, by trying to create an architectural space that was both tangible but ethereal, interior and exterior, secretive but airy. The glass walls hovered above a grass-peppered parlour floor and provided openings for the bleached performers to drift through the narrative.”

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