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Tate Britain exhibition features Camberwell alumna Gillian Carnegie


Notable Camberwell College of Arts alumna Gillian Carnegie is part of a new exhibition at Tate Britain ‘Painting Now: Five Contemporary Artists’ running from 12 November 2013 to 9 February 2014.

“Painting Now: Five Contemporary Artists focuses on the recent work of Tomma Abts, Gillian Carnegie, Simon Ling, Lucy McKenzie and Catherine Story, each of whom has developed their own distinctive approach to painting today. The exhibition presents different responses to the specific practice of painting. Subtle overlaps and affinities that can be drawn out of the varied work of these five artists offer a range of answers to the proposition of what painting might mean now.

Gillian Carnegie (born 1971) exploits the conventions and genres of academic figurative painting. Working within the traditional categories of landscape and still-life, Carnegie investigates the materiality of painting and questions habitual responses to established subject matter. Her highly distinctive paintings mediate her relationship with the world through a controlled sense of realism, grounded in concerns around the act of painting and paint itself. She was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2005.”