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Studio Speis: LCF graduate launches new creative community space in Greece

Illustration of different hands working together
  • Written byEleanor Harvey
  • Published date 25 May 2022
Illustration of different hands working together
Working hands | Illustration: Erika Solway

London College of Fashion, UAL graduate Melissanthi Spei has opened Studio Speis a new fashion community space and craftsmanship centre in Athens, Greece.

Melissanthi, who is also the group leader for the Greece Alumni Group, has opened the space to host workshops and build a creative community that is accessible to everyone.

Illustration of women talking in a circle
Female community | Illustration: Erika Solway

Focus on traditional craft  

Pronounced ‘Studio Space’, the studio’s name comes from the male version of Melissanthi’s own surname and is a tribute to her ancestors.

This connection to the past is embraced in Studio Speis’ ethos, as there is a focus on bringing awareness to traditional craft techniques through a modern fashion context. As a safe space for creatives to express themselves, the studio will enable people to learn from Athenian history and cultural heritage.

“Fashion is an applied art that has been very misunderstood, it can have a social aspect and work in a collective spirit” says Melissanthi, on why she set up Studio Speis; “the purpose is to build a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds. A platform in which practical skills of the fashion and crafts sector will be shared both professionally but also just for fun in the name of trying out new things.”

Illustration of a garden with a tree and a cat
Garden | Illustration: Erika Solway

Open to all 

The studio welcomes everyone to the community:

  • looking for a more affordable place to take their first steps
  • wanting to learn a creative hobby and social interaction
  • using the space for a residency
  • fashion professionals that need to learn a new technique
  • freelances who need to use equipment
  • researchers/Ph.D. candidates who need an inspirational space and support for their research
  • independent projects with other cultural organisations
  • anyone who is looking for a safe place, to be a part of a community and to share their own knowledge and experience

Support Studio Speis

Melissanthi is currently crowdfunding to help spread the word and build a strong community for Studio Speis.

“With your support, we will be able to make some refurbishments in the studio space which is in need of painting and additional electrical equipment and enrich our craft potential with new machinery equipment and tools which will become available to the Studio Speis community.”

As part of the crowdfunding there are a number of different rewards that you can receive, including a number by UAL alumni:

  • Leather and fabric tote bags designed by Melissanthi
  • Weaving from Waste workshop led by Chelsea graduate Maria Sigma
  • Bioplastics Workshop led by LCF graduate Mala Siamptani
A fabric and a leather tote bag
Designed by Melissanthi Spei | Photograph: Marieta Roussou
Maria leading a workshop
Weaving from Waste workshop by Maria Sigma
Bioplastics workshop
Bioplastics workshop by Mala Siamptani | Photographs: Nikolas Louka/E2 Studios

Find out more and support Studio Speis’ crowdfunding