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Review: London Transplants

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Published date 11 May 2015

Over 300 people attended the reception of the London transplants exhibition on 25 April, which was curated by the UAL West Coast Alumni Association, as part of Brit Week 2015.

London Transplants

The exhibition, held at Wallspace, in Los Angeles, featured the works of twenty UAL alumni.  With drinks and a DJ playing a British mix, guests partied well into the night…

The group met regularly for six months in the lead up to the exhibition, working together to plan the logistics, including creating a catalogue of all the artwork in the exhibition. A lot of the artwork on display was also sold on the night, which was a massive bonus for all involved!

Angie Stimson, President of the Los Angeles UAL alumni Association and Lead-Curator of the exhibition, was delighted with the evening, and the artwork on display.  “The group worked so well together – everyone was of the same mind-set – this was really a celebration of the UAL alumni and their work.”

Angie Stimson

Angie Stimson

The group learned a lot from holding the exhibition, and have been really spurred on by its success.  They have already started to think about new ideas, and are looking forward to planning a new exhibition next year. If you want to be a part of the West Coast Alumni Association get in touch with the group today!  

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