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New UAL Alumni Group in Canada

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Published date 06 March 2015

Jess Gill, Fashion Management BA (Hons), London College of Fashion is the new Canadian alumni group leader. We are very excited about the group, as it’s going to provide amazing opportunities to help our UAL alumni based in Canada build creative professional networks.  The group’s first event will be held on 31 March in Toronto…

When: Tuesday March 31
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Where: DW Alexander Cocktail Bar
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I decided to study at London College of Fashion because I wanted a global perspective on the fashion industry and exposure to leading brands.  I had an amazing experience studying at LCF and working in London.  I had opportunities at Gucci, Selfridges, and Giorgio Armani Cosmetics as a Brand Manager. I learned a great deal about my specialty and broadened my network of industry contacts. I am now able to utilize my contacts to help grow our Canadian fashion industry.

The fashion industry in Toronto is small compared to London and other fashion capitals.   When I moved back to Canada I found limited opportunities in my field of business development and brand management.  However, this is a growing market and more companies are establishing themselves in Canada, which will ultimately lead to more opportunities for future alumni.

Currently, I represent UAL in Eastern Canada as the Marketing and Recruitment Manager.  There are a number of alumni that have come back to Canada and I think it is important to stay connected after graduating.  I believe developing a strong network will allow for potential partnerships across various disciplines.  Additionally, networking with experienced professionals will be beneficial for recent graduates.  We are part of an exciting group, even though we are across the pond.

Our first event is 6pm on Tuesday, March 31 2015 at DW Alexander Cocktail Bar in downtown Toronto.  LCF’s Dean of the School of Management and Science, Andrew Hughes, will be in attendance.  We welcome all Canadian alumni!

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