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Meet two of our Italian alumni who are helping set up a community

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Published date 12 June 2018

Set up by Central Saint Martins (CSM) graduate and current Associate Professor Giulio Mazzarini, the UAL Italy Alumni Group  has organised a wide range of interesting events for current members, giving them the opportunity to share experiences, advice, and expand their creative network.

Giulio Mazzarini, UAL Italy Alumni Group leader

Giulio Mazzarini, UAL Italy Alumni Group leader

We caught up with Giulio to find out what is next for the group. 

What made you choose London, and CSM  to study?
Being born in Rome, I was looking for a very different city to discover and London was a pretty obvious choice: creative, multi-cultural, and eccentric.
CSM was actually a discovery. I have to thank Geoff Crook, Course Director of the Master in Applied Imagination for having given me the chance to study in this wonderful college.

What do you do now?
I work as a photographer and run a small creative studio, GEM.

What is your proudest achievement so far?
Perhaps having photographed interesting people and unusual places like Ken Follett and French Guiana.

UAL Italy Alumni group drinks

What do you like most about being part of the UAL Alumni community?
Sharing fundamental values and skills, for example open mindedness and attention to detail, putting creativity at the centre of our lives.

Why did you decide to set up the Italian Alumni Group?
I have always liked to hear Italian at UAL, our university has been hugely attractive to Italians. So it seems obvious wanting to gather all Italian Alumni together in a group.

What do you hope the Italian community will achieve?
I hope we will become a reference to all Italians wanting to study Art & Design in an amazing international institution.

What is next for the Italian Alumni Group?
Italy in full of beautiful and little known art cities. We therefore hope to involve all members to create small UAL Alumni events in various parts of the country.

Julia Binfield, CSM alumna

Julia Binfield, CSM alumna

We also chatted to Julia Binfield, an illustrator and CSM alumna living in Milan. Julia has been involved in the group from the start and even hosted the last event at her newly refurbished studio space. 

What made you choose London, and Central Saint Martins to study?
Having finished studying at school with 3 A-levels, Art English and French, I decided that I wanted to go to art college rather than university and London was a fairly obvious choice as I was living in the suburbs and it was the nearest place with good options. I did a foundation course at St Martins and loved it so stayed on there for the degree course in Graphic design.

What do you do now?
I live in Milan and practice as an illustrator and also work on non-commissioned projects and exhibitions

What is your proudest achievement so far?
Probably the career I have made here in Italy, first as a graphic designer and subsequently as an illustrator.

What do you like most about being part of the UAL Alumni community?
I enjoy being in contact with St Martins and with London, seeing what other people are doing and seeing the possible links to new projects and work situations.

Why/how did you get involved with the Italian Alumni Group?
It was Giulio who suggested we made an Italian group and I thought I’d go along and see.

What do you hope the Italian community will achieve?
I’ve no idea to be honest. It’s been great to meet Giulio and some of the people living here in Italy and discover what they are doing so that’s made it worthwhile already. I’m at something of a turning point in my career where I’m interested in opening up my studio to other designers and thinking about organising workshops so it may help me to do that with a wider audience. I think it’s good not to have too many expectations but meeting new people and making new connections is always a good thing and you never know where it may take you.


If you have any ideas for UAL events that you would like to see in Italy, or if you would like to lead a workshop, know of sponsorship opportunities or free spaces to hold activities, then we are keen to hear from any of our Italy-based alumni who want to help our community flourish. Email Giulio with your suggestions and join the Facebook Group to keep up-to-date.