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Meet Rebecca Scheinberg

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Published date 04 February 2015

Rebecca Scheinberg from Australia graduated from London College of Communication with a BA in Photography in 2014. She is one of the ten UAL graduates to be selected for the 2015 Catlin Guide.

What made you decide to come to London and study at London College of Communication?  And what specifically interested you about studying photography?
I was previously studying at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in the Netherlands, however I felt that it wasn’t the right school for me, so I started looking into Universities in London. I was particularly drawn to the photography course at London College of Communication for its strong theoretical approach. I felt that at LCC, photography was approached quite holistically, which really appealed to me.

What was the best thing LCC taught you?
The BA Photography at LCC taught me how to critically engage with photography, and how valuable peer to peer dialog is. Some of the most valuable moments were sitting down with friends and discussing each other’s work and photography in general, something that I think was really encouraged by the course.

What or who generally inspires your work?
It changes all the time, generally it’s literature, both theoretical and fictional. I tend to work quite associatively, so get really excited about something I read or see, that sets me off on a path that ends quite far from the original inspiration. I used to really struggle with this way of working, but Beverley Carruthers (Course Director, BA Photography) really encouraged it, which was a big breakthrough for me.

Rebecca Scheinberg

Tell us about getting selected for the Catlin guide…
It was such an honour to be a part of it among so many other great artists. I had followed it for the past few years, so to be selected for it was quite surreal.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?
Ten year plans are odd things… I hope I won’t be where I plan to be in ten years’ time, it would be so boring to have everything mapped out already!

Who would your dream collaboration be with?
If it’s possible to choose a fictional character I would definitely say Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture show, however perhaps a bit more realistic, I would love to collaborate somehow with Westfield.

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