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Meet Paula & Adriana: The New UAL Alumni Group in Sweden

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Published date 27 March 2015

Meet Paula & Adriana who are setting up the new Swedish alumni group. Read more about their journey from UAL to Stockholm, and how they want YOU to get involved in this new and exciting group…

What did you both study? & did you enjoy your time at UAL?
Paula studied MA Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion and Adriana studied the Certificate in Digital Surface Design at London College of Communication.

We both had an amazing time, even if completely different experiences.

Paula moved from Caracas to London for the course. Everything was new and exciting, so “fun” and “scary” are good descriptions of those first days in UAL. The university provided a lot of support, so the transition into a happy Londoner was faster and smoother than she had expected.  And having classes in different campuses turned out to be an amazing way to get to know London better as a city.

Adriana on the other hand, had been living and working in Surrey for a while. After a couple of years working in graphic design, she found herself in a bit of a creative rut – taking the course meant meeting some amazing and very inspirational people, finding a new direction for her creative life and finally understanding the true awesomeness of London.


How did you meet? Tell us about how you came to set up a studio together?
Their’s is a bit of a random story: after finishing her Surface Design course and moving to Madrid, Adriana set up a little ceramic label. A few years later Paula contacted her, wanting to buy some beer mugs that were sold out on the website. By then Adriana already lived in Stockholm but was travelling home to Barcelona a few days after; coincidentally Paula lived in Barcelona at that point, so they arranged to meet to make the transaction. They ended up having coffee and talking for the most part of an afternoon. And that was that – until more than a year after, when as life would have it, Paula moved to Stockholm as well. They got back in contact and the second coffee meant the beginning of a great friendship and now business partnership.

Last April they launched Nothing Can Go Wrng, a colourful Print + Pattern Design Studio. With Paula’s background in Fashion and Adriana’s past in the interiors market it was the perfect fit. They create photographic and illustrated repeats, both commissioned and ready-made, always colourful, upbeat and fun. They also run the blog Repeattt on design and creative life in Stockholm.


What made you want to set up an alumni group in Sweden? & what do you hope to achieve from it?
“After always sighing at the lack of an alumni group here in Stockholm, we decided it was time to change that. The Swedish creative industry, even if buoyant and prolific it can be daunting and very tight knit, especially for those who are new to the country or have spent a significant time overseas. So with the group we would like to establish a creative and supportive network of likeminded people to meet with, get inspired, share memories, seek advice and most of all have fun! We are talking after-work drinks, master-classes, critique groups, collective exhibitions and any other creative input or outlet possible, you name it!

Right now we would like to bring together a core team interested in setting up the group, with the aim of having our first event in May. We are based in Stockholm, but anyone keen on helping will be welcomed! Just send us an email at or reach us via the Facebook page.”