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Meet: Manjit Thapp

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Published date 21 July 2015

Manjit graduated from FDA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts this year, and will be joining the BA class next year…

Manjeet Thapp

Manjeet Thapp

Why did you choose to come to Camberwell?
I chose to come to Camberwell because I knew it was really well known for Illustration.  The course got filled up really quickly so I did the FDA course first, and I am going to join the BA programme next year.  The FDA course has been really good, we were given the opportunity to do a lot of industry briefs, and from this my work has really progressed. My favourite brief was to illustrate for a children’s, but I also had editorial and animation briefs, so I really had the opportunity to try a broad range of types of illustration, and find out what I was good at. I live in Birmingham, and I commute to London every day. It’s only an hour and twenty minutes on the train, and I like going back at the end of the day and having my own space, but I’ve also really enjoyed studying in London, you can visit so many different galleries and museums, I’ve done a lot of that.

Have you enjoyed your time at Camberwell?
I’ve really enjoyed my time at Camberwell so far, it’s been fun, and everyone’s lovely.  I also love the way everyone’s work is so different, so I have really learn from my peers.

Manjeet's final project

Manjeet’s final project

Why did you choose to study illustration?
I chose to study Illustration because I’ve always liked drawing, but I found that fine art isn’t really for me, as I’m not strong on concepts.  I like having the brief set for me and being able to work to that, so I chose Illustration. Saying that, I did come up with the concept for my final project, and I really enjoyed it.  It’s about Seasonal Affective Disorder – I wanted to show the connection between humans and plants, and I chose SAD because there is such a similarity between people who suffer from it and plants going through the changes of season.

What did you find difficult about the course?
At the beginning of second year we were given a lot of really short briefs where we only had two weeks to work on them.  I found it quite challenging – rushing to get everything done, but still wanting it to be to a really good standard, but it was a really good learning experience.

Manjeet's work

What were your highlights of the course?
I have really enjoyed the final project.  It’s been so nice to look back at all the work we’ve done and see how much it’s progressed.  I think my work has got so much better, especially since last year. My other favourite moment of the course was in first year – we went to the British museum and were all given an A3 sketchbook which we were told to fill in one day.  Everyone was really nervous that they wouldn’t be able to do it, but we all did, and it was really fun. I’d never thought of doing anything like that before, so I’ll always remember that.

What tips do you have for the next cohort of FDA Illustration students?
Try and draw as much as you can, even when you’re on holiday. And don’t leave your research to the last minute!

What are you going to do next?
I am joining the BA class next year, which will be one more year.  I’d like to do some more freelance work and just see how it goes. I’m quite interested in children’s illustration, so I want to build up my portfolio and work on that.

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