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Meet Alexander Hinnerskov

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Published date 30 April 2018

Meet ual:dk // Alexander Hinnerskov

Alexander runs the UAL Alumni Group for Denmark (ual:dk). Graduating from Central Saint Martins (CSM)  in 2007, he started his career working within visual merchandising and styling for retail and editorial, before joining fellow UAL alumnus Fredrikson Stallard as a studio assistant. This was followed by freelance work for a number of London based design studios, and at the same time teaching short courses in product design at CSM. After 10 years away he moved back to Copenhagen to focus on his own creative practice whilst continuing to teach.

Here he chats about why he started the group and how you can get involved!

ual:dk group leader Alexander Hinnerskov

You first got in touch with us in 2016 about starting an alumni group for Denmark. What made you start ual:dk?
When I relocated after so many years away there was a natural need to expand and grow my creative network. This led me to seek out an alumni group and was amazed to find that there wasn’t one. So I started it myself, to be able to connect with other alumni who might be in the same position as me. Luckily I was not the only one who thought it was a good idea; I have been in touch with roughly 100 alumni and the feedback has been so positive and encouraging. It seems there is a genuine need for an alumni group here so I’m glad I went with my intuition and started it.

How is ual:dk run?
At the moment the group is run by me but I am looking to get  more alumni involved to help the group grow. It would be great with some help arranging and co-hosting events but primarily to help create more awareness and engagement for the group, we need to get some social media/ marketing savvy alumni involved. The group is on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn so there is plenty of content to manage across the platforms. The idea is to make it easy for alumni to connect online and get information about the group. I would love to make it a really valuable resource for people.

You organise a whole variety of events. What have been some of the highlights?
We had our first ever event in November 2016 where I invited alumni Bibi Katholm to talk about her collaborative art project In Case We Don’t Die. We’ve also held a networking workshop and a delicious curry evening with Terri Bartosik, founder of the curry kit business SpiceMamma.  YUM!

Curry making with SpiceMamma founder Terri Bartosik

I also started an event series titled ‘STUDIO VISITS’, dedicated to workspaces and the people in them. The first was in May 2017 was a guided tour of Mette T Jensen’s workshop and a talk about her journey since graduating and her creative process, all routed in materials and making.

ual:dk studio visit to Mette T Jensen’s workshop

Our second STUDIO VISIT was in October 2017 to Snedker Studio, run by Pernille Snedker Hansen   where we were given a preview of her unique marbling technique; and Will Gurley who gave us a behind the scenes look at the Tivoli Gardens theme park where he currently works.

ual:dk studio visit to Snedker Studio

Why do you think alumni enjoy being part of ual:dk?
I think it is really important to have these events where people can connect in person and share their stories with each other. I don’t think the group would be as successful if it was purely online based. I have also heard from members that the creative scene in Denmark is quite closed so being part of the group is a great way to share knowledge and tell their story. We all have at least three things in common; we’ve studied at UAL, we’ve lived in London and we have a creative background; what’s not to love about that!

When is the next event?
The next event  on Friday 22 June at 6pm and is an ’open mic’ format Open Crit night, where you are invited to share your work for discussion and get constructive feedback. The work can be professional and/or personal as well as work in progress and the way you present it is totally up to you.

Next ual:dk group event, Open Crit

Event: ual:dk OPEN CRIT (free format)
When: 6pm Friday 22nd June 2018
Where: The Rabbit Hole, Frederiksberg Allé 25, 1820 Frederiksberg C

To get involved in this event and ual:dk, or if you have an idea for a future event then like the group on Facebook or send Alexander an email.