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London College of… Cutting Edge Filmmakers // LCC films premiere at the BFI

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Published date 17 June 2013

On Friday 14 June London College of Communication’s finest BA (Hons) Film and television students presented their final projects at the British Film Institute on London’s Southbank. The evening began with an introduction by the course director David Knight, who declared “Tonight we will see nine world premieres”.

The location and presentation of the screenings added a well-deserved touch of grandeur to the proceedings and guests certainly felt that they were watching the stars of the future.

The nine films consistently demonstrated both skill and wit as technical brilliance was balanced with artistic exploration in films that covered a range of genres. The first film shown was a pilot episode of ‘Transmission Woo’, a brilliantly put together early 90s style television show presented by the immense Johnny Woo. The audience were captivated by the mix of razor sharp editing and hilarious content.

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Transmission Woo

Following the playful start, the films took a turn for the bleak, as the remaining projects all explored darker themes with varying degrees of severity. ‘The Minotaur’ followed the story of a psychotic theatre security guard, who stalked a young performer, brutally murdering her lover before finally confronting her. The crisp quality of the film and clever use of sound and silence, this piece sent shivers down the spine of the members of the audience.

Despite featuring an attempted suicide, the black comedy in ‘Ticket Man’ had the audience in stitches from start to finish. The element of realism in the characters and settings, coupled with the absurd was a bright twist on the otherwise desolate theme.

Otto Floss: Freelance Watcher

Otto Floss: Freelance Watcher

The final film of the evening left the audience stunned by the complexity and depth of the storyline, the exquisite production, and thoughtful cinematography. The Orwellian epic ‘Otto Floss: Freelance Watcher” was a social statement regarding the human race’s obsession with being visible.

With an ever-expanding social media and the value of fame and celebrity being priced higher than ever, it seems the makers of this film wanted to question the difficulties we as a society would face if we were only visible when seen by others. Exploring the nature of modern human identity it was easy to imagine this film developing into a much larger project, and gaining attention those who have already been successful within the film industry.

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Morgana Edwards

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