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LCF Alumni launch pop up shop in London’s Carnaby Street

Written by David Revagliatte
Published date 10 July 2013
Women's footwear designer, Zoran Dobric & Womenswear Designer, Stephanie Hensley.

Women’s footwear designer, Zoran Dobric & Womenswear Designer, Stephanie Hensley.

Last night saw the launch of an exciting new pop up shop showcasing new talent from LCF alumni: Stephanie HensleyMA Fashion Footwear, and Zoran DobricMA Fashion Design Technology.

The two winners of the Shaftesbury Award for Emerging Designers have been selected for this exciting new concept that provides the rare opportunity to view and buy exclusive Master of Arts Degree collections.

Women’s shoe designer, Stephanie, is showcasing her collection, Made in China: Longevity Series – an assortment of high quality luxury footwear. Inspired by her travels abroad, the collection contradicts the international stigma of ‘Made in China’, which has become synonymous with poor quality and cheap cost. The highly feminine and elaborate collection modernizes historical Chinese processes, shapes, and imagery, as well as utilising unconventional materials.

Zoran is showcasing a womenswear collection inspired by Canadian West Coast Aboriginals, particularly their embellished Ceremonial Dancing Blankets. The culturally inspired textiles come to life in Zoran’s original and easily wearable silhouettes, which reflect the soft shape of the traditional blankets. The collection features hand quilting, beading, and appliqué reinterpreted for the modern era, as well as digital prints inspired by geometrically cryptic Canadian Northwest coast art.

LCF asked Zoran about his thoughts on this new initiative:

“I am very thankful to Shaftesbury PLC for the amazing opportunity and for their support for emerging fashion talents.  I am very flattered that my work was chosen to be showcased, and extremely excited about presenting my work at this fantastic location!”

LCF have collaborated with Carnaby for over five years now, and this is yet another initiative that highlights LCF and Carnaby’s role in supporting new fashion talent.

The pop up shop runs from 6–21 July 2013 at Unit 1.16 Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street.

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