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LCF alumni collaborate with SHOWStudio

Written by sjairath
Published date 29 April 2013

MA Fashion Artefact alumni are collaborating with SHOWStudio to create a SHOWcabinet installation which explores prosthetics’ ability to adorn, equip and enhance.

The collaboration sees work from 2009 alumna Una Burke, 2011 alumna Kat Marks and 2012 alumna Ana Rajcevic as well as Course Leader Dai Rees and tutor Naomi Filmer.

The term ‘prosthetic’ is now attributed to the branch of surgery dedicated to replacing missing or defective limbs, but to the Ancient Greeks it was an altogether more assertive concept meaning ‘to add’, ‘to advance’ or ‘to give power to’.

The SHOWCabinet exhibition runs from 18th April – 31st May at 19 Motcomb Street, London SE1X 8LB.

To coincide with the exhibition, Una worked with filmmaker Marie Schuller  to create a mesmerising fashion film. Inspired by Una’s interest in movement and restriction, the short sees her intricate armour-like leather creations transformed into human-size puppets that dance and writhe eerily before the camera.

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