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Italian Alumni Photography Workshop

UAL’s Milan based alumni were given the opportunity to take part in a free half day practical photography workshop, thanks to the Group Leader, Giulio Mazzarini.

photographer looking through lense
Giulio, himself a professional photographer and Creative Director at his own agency Gem Creative, was keen to bring members of the UAL Italian Alumni Group together and to share his professional skills to help others develop their own.

group of people

The workshop took place in the newly refurbished studio of local artist and CSM alumna, Julia Binfield. The group also had the chance to find out more about each other over lunch and share ideas about future activities.

people talking over a table
Sharing your skills, knowledge, insight and opening up your creative spaces is a great way to meet new people and build your professional network.

Giulio is keen to find others either in Milan or Rome who would like to welcome alumni into their studios or who have ideas about other exciting activities to bring the Italian alumni community together.

Get in touch with Giulio or join the facebook group to get involved. More photos from the workshop can also be found on the Facebook Group


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