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Exhibit your work in new & exciting pop-up wine bar in London

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Published date 12 October 2015

Calling UAL alumni and students to submit work to be exhibited in new and exciting pop-up wine-bar in venues across London.

The plot twist

The Plot Twist is a new pop-up wine bar which will appear in a number of cool and unusual locations around London. It is the brainchild of Agata and Tamas, a couple who are in love with London, are passionate about customer service and are proud of their culinary backgrounds. With their fusion of Italian and Hungarian products, they will showcase wines, crafted beers and spirits along with pickles, cheese and charcuterie boards.

Along with the products a major feature of the business is the artistic component:

The Plot Twist’s style is inspired by the beautiful Ruin Bars of Budapest: these bars are built in Budapest’s old District VII neighbourhood (the old Jewish quarter) in the ruins of abandoned buildings. Ruin Bars are hip, artsy, and funky places, bustling with crowds talking, dancing and enjoying the atmosphere. Each of the ruin bars has its own personality but they all follow the same principles which are unusual locations, inner courtyards and green spaces, a bar, second hand furniture, and the input of local artists who leave their mark on the walls and ceiling, giving a quirky and surrealistic design.

Since all these bars are in abandoned buildings, they might open, close, and move: this gives the whole concept an edge of excitement as you never know when these places will come and go. However the most established and well known Ruin Bars (such as Szimpla Kert, Ellato, Gondozo Kert or Instant) are permanent and open every day.

The Plot Twist are encouraging UAL’s emerging artists (students and alumni) to get involved in our mission: to bring the Ruin Bar style to London through temporary art exhibitions and the creation of pieces of art commissioned through paid projects that will be part of The Plot Twist’s permanent set up.

Temporary exhibitions

Every pop-up will host a temporary exhibition that will take place throughout the duration of the pop-up (from one to seven days); we are now requesting submissions for the Halloween pop-up on 31 October 2015, which will be held at Palm2 in Clapton.

We are looking for finished works from the artists’ portfolio.  The style of the work will need to match The Plot Twist’s style as described above.  All artistic techniques will be considered including sculpture, photographs, canvas, mosaics, graffiti etc, and the works can be made from any material.

Number of works to be submitted by each artist: minimum 3, no maximum.

Deadline: Monday 23 November 2015.  

Please send all submissions to: in a compressed file (Zip or rar). Please quote in the subject line “TEMPORARY EXHIBITION –– YOUR NAME”.

F/T/I: @plottwistwine