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Clifford Chance Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2013: a survey exhibition

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Published date 15 November 2013


28 October – 6 December 2013

Three Camberwell College of Arts MA graduates have been selected for the Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2013 Survey Exhibition for Clifford Chance.

‘One of the very best ways of genuinely and freshly encountering chance in ordered circumstances’ is how the President of the Royal Academy, Christopher Le Brun, himself a printmaker, has described the art of making prints. This paradoxical value inherent in the art form is evident in this year’s Postgraduate Printmaking exhibition. The adoption of a disciplined and sequential process seems to encourage an artistic enquiry that encompasses both the spontaneous and intuitive, as well as the conceptual and indexical.

For the artists in this exhibition, all of whom have completed their postgraduate studies at London’s art schools this year, they share a hinterland in the alchemic world of printmaking, of image transfer, that informs their current practice, both intellectually and emotionally. Yet what distinguishes this year’s cohort is a common passion to explore beyond the traditional parameters of printmaking, to find new means to express their artistic ideas, to discover ‘the chance in the order.’

Victoria Ahrens, Joanna Brinton, Jude Cowan Montague are three of the eleven graduates whose work has been chosen for the 17th annual exhibition held by Clifford Chance.

The programme notes written by Nigel Frank introduce the work:

‘Some [artists] such as Joanna Brinton and Hanne Lille take print into the third dimension, stressing and folding the substrate.’
‘The continent nature of mark-making is amplified in Paula Bourke-Girgis’s playful transfer of small sketchbook drawings, recombined and valorised as urban reflections, or in Jude Cowan Montague‘s large scale monoprints that conjure playful, yet unsettling, mise en scenes with energetic simplicity.’
‘ … Victoria Ahrens‘s conceptual approach to landscape imagery, breaking it down, reconfiguring it to investigate archaeological time.’

The exhibition takes place from 28 October to 6 December 2013, viewing by appointment, contact Nigel Frank 020 7006 5183

The exhibition is organised by Frank/Hindley Art Consultants.

CLIFFORD CHANCE LLP, Upper Bank St, London E14 5JJ