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Camberwell BA Drawing graduate Marcus Dobbs collaborating on film

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Published date 28 March 2014
Marcus Dobbs

Marcus Dobbs, photographed at the UAL Future Map exhibition

Camberwell College of Arts BA Drawing 2013 graduate Marcus Dobbs will be collaborating with director Ben Charles Edwards for his first feature length film ‘Set the Thames on Fire‘. This will be the second time Ben and Marcus have worked together, the first being for Ben’s short film ‘Ways of Seeing‘.

From Ben Charles Edwards website:

This is the darkly comic story of two dirty angels, Two boys, Art and Sal, living in a dream-city London of huge sparkling stars and shifting alleyways full of danger and adventure. The moon looms above them and the Thames is rejecting its dead. Surviving on the edge of a strictly hierarchal society controlled by the violent and all-powerful Impresario and populated by the careless lost souls of a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah, the boys’ desire for freedom, beauty and escape brings them into terrifying conflict with thosewho would own the contract on their souls. Following instinct and chance, blooming like weeds in the gutter, the boys aim for the stars, waging everything on the hope that powerful forces come to the aid of those who act boldly, and that fortune favours the brave. 

The film is produced by Blonde to Black Pictures.

Marcus is currently showing as part of Future Map 2014 at SPACE in Hackney until 6 April 2014.