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Alumnus documentary named Film of the Year

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Published date 09 December 2013
Act of Killing film poster

Act of Killing film poster

Hard-hitting documentary The Act Of Killing was voted Film of the Year by readers of the British Film Institute’s Sight and Sound magazine. The film was directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, who took his Ph.D at Central Saint Martins.

The Act of Killing examines the legacy of Indonesian anti-communist purges in the 1960s. It follows some of the perpetrators as they re-enact their crimes in the style of their favourite American films.

Nick Bradshaw, web editor for Sight and Sound, also chose the film as one of his personal highlights of 2013. He said he “continued to be enthralled by the ways in which it reconfigured the movies in front of our eyes, commandeered the writing of public history with ingenuity and courage, and threw up myriad moral challenges that cut to the quick.”

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