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Aldeburgh Beach Lookout Residency awarded to Chelsea MA Fine Art graduate Milena Michalski

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Published date 17 December 2013

The Aldeburgh beach lookout have  awarded their Residency to Milena Michalski  (MA Fine Art Chelsea) for her film based project ‘The optical and its limits’.  This is the first Chelsea Residency at The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout generously supported by Caroline Wiseman and offers the opportunity for a week in the unique location of  The South Lookout  situated on the beach in the centre of Aldeburgh, an English seaside town known internationally for its cultural innovation.

lookout residency

lookout residency

The purpose of each Residency at the Lookout is for the artist to stretch him or herself and create something they would never have created without this stimulus.  It is like a blank canvas onto which you can invent your own creative ideas.  As a Lookout it suggests representational solutions and yet it faces the vast conceptual soup of the sea and the sky.