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Abandoned Soviet Union spaces inspire LCF Alumna for beautiful debut book

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Published date 04 September 2014
Rebecca Litchfield, MA Fashion Photography

Rebecca Litchfield, MA Fashion Photography

LCF Alumna, Rebecca Litchfield who studied MA Fashion Photography (2012) has just released her debut book Soviet Ghosts.

The book, recently reviewed by Independent Radar magazine, focuses on the haunting allure of the ruins of the Soviet Union.

Inside, Rebecca captures abandoned locations which were either a part of the Soviet Union or within occupied satellite states during this period of history – including forgotten towns, factories, prisons, schools, hospitals, military complexes, asylums and death camps across former communist states.

Rebecca explained, “In 2012 I became fascinated with abandoned buildings, finding beauty in darkness, poetry in meaning in the forgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongst decay. Not many explorers travel to Russia, where the rules are very different, locations are heavily guarded and a strong military presence exists everywhere. My artworks breathes life into forgotten historical locations and revive the moments of lost moments in places tainted by the indigenous.”

Soviet Ghosts contains a breath-taking collection of images collated throughout her time in Russia, and so far the book has been getting great press, being mentioned in not only Independent Radar magazine, but also the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Wired, Trend Hunter, Viral Nova, The Guardian and Shortlist, among others.

Rebecca added, “Studying MA Fashion Photography at LCF kept me motivated to better myself and constantly strive to become a better photographer. It helped to show me what being a photographer outside of a nine to five job was like and reminded me that there is a whole world of great opportunities out there.”

Rebecca encourages those hoping to follow in her footsteps to network as much as they can:

“Get your work seen by everyone and make sure what you show the world is your best work. Most of all be passionate about what you love to do, work as hard as you can, and plan your photos to be the best they can be.”

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