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Sustainability documentation

Learn more and find documentation relating to UAL sustainability, energy and environmental policies and plans.

Carbon Management Plan

Our Carbon Management Plan is central to our approach to sustainability at UAL and sets out the University's carbon reduction target and details actions that will be taken to achieve the target.

Our SMART Action Plan and Targets

This plan brings together our SMART Targets and detailed action plan for construction and refurbishment, emissions and discharges, community involvement, biodiversity, waste management, travel and transport, sustainable procurement and water use.

Environmental Policy

This is our mission statement for sustainability at UAL. It sets out our aspirations but also how we manage, report, set targets and promote environmental stewardship. The UAL Climate Action Plan outlines our commitments to achieve climate justice at an institutional level.

The University's Environmental Management System is certified to ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 – Sustainable Business Operations

Certificates, audits and other documents relating to our ISO 14001 accreditation for business operations.

ISO 50001 - UAL Energy Policy

The University's Energy Policy seeks to underpin carbon reduction through good energy management. This document outlines how UAL is able to manage and substantially reduce energy consumption.

Ethical and Sustainable Procurement and Investment

*The PRI Transparency report is the latest available: the PRI have stated they have delayed the release of 2021 reporting outputs until Q3 of 2022, with a specific date to be confirmed as soon as possible

Sustainable Food Policy

The policy aims to deliver healthier, ethically sourced, more sustainable food which may help to encourage lifestyle changes both in and outside the University, leading to a positive impact on health and wellbeing, as well as the environment. It also recognises the benefits for our local, national and international communities.

Workplace Travel Plan

Staff and student travel is a significant contributor to UAL's Scope 3 emissions. We want to try and reduce this by encouraging sustainable transport through the Travel Plan.

Biodiversity Action Plan

UAL has mapped biodiversity across our estate via biodiversity audits. The audits and associated actions are captured in our Biodiversity Action Plan.

Progress is tracked by the Climate & Environment Action Group.

Heating and Cooling Policy

This sets out the minimum and maximum temperatures for UAL internal spaces. This is intended both as a guide for facilities staff and a checkpoint for staff who are feeling uncomfortable.

Construction and refurbishment

The University sets minimum requirements for sustainability to be captured within refurbishment and new-build projects.

The Design Brief for Sustainability is provided as part of Employers Requirements that form part of the standard specification issued to external providers. This has had a positive impact upon the University Estate and its operations including our first BREEAM 'Outstanding' building at Wimbledon College of Art.

Student and Graduate Employment Policy

In 2021 a new Student and Graduate Employment Policy was approved by the University’s Executive Group. This was reviewed and approved in May 2022.