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Xhibit 2019: This year’s creatives of the future

Work by Chelsea College Of Arts BA Fine Art Aikaterini Mimikou for Xhibit 2019
Work by Chelsea College Of Arts BA Fine Art Aikaterini Mimikou for Xhibit 2019
Chelsea College Of Arts BA Fine Art Aikaterini Mimikou
Written by
Julie Wright
Published date
10 April 2019

Feminism, diasporic displacement, cultural and religious identity, alongside Brexit and gun control are the provocative themes tackled in Xhibit 2019 – UAL's annual exhibition on Friday 26 April that unleashes the next generation of creative talent across UAL.

Run by Arts SU, Xhibit 2019 is open to all students, studying at any level, across all disciplines. With no set brief – artists are free to explore any topic and express it through any medium. The result is a compelling collection of work, featuring 27 artists from across all of UAL’s six world-leading colleges.

From a ceramic installation that responds to the notions of anti-blackness; to an interactive installation that addresses the phenomenon of manspreading; and a mixed media and photograph piece that pokes at the absurdity of parliament – Xhibit 2019 artists collectively challenge the current political landscape and provoke audiences in true UAL style.

Xhibit 2019 –cements UAL’s place as Number 2 in the world for Art and Design in the 2019 QS World University Rankings® by Subject.

Race and Identity

Work by Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science Sahnnon Bono for Xhibit 2019
Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science Sahnnon Bono

'Were you flower to tuck?’ by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, London College of Communication, MA Photography

Apart from having Chinese dishes as home, Elizabeth’s childhood was spent consuming the West. After a decade of rejecting her Peranakan heritage she uses Awagami bunkoshi washi paper as an attempt to string remains together to what feels like to her a past life.

‘Venus of I.T. (Intentionally Through)’ by Maria Bendixen, Central Saint Martins, BA Ceramic Design

After researching the collective unconsciousness regarding anti-black racism, Maria demonstrates her interest in the construction of the concept of ‘blackness’ as a power control artifice through modern human history.

‘Sowei, Ndahiti’ by Shannon Bono, Central Saint Martins, MA Art and Science

Utilizing ancient African traditions and Black feminism, Shannon’s work centralizes the black female body as a site for channelling personal and worldly experiences.

Work by London College Of Fashion MA Fashion Artefact Ninja D Evangelista for Xhibit 2019
London College Of Fashion MA Fashion Artefact Ninja D Evangelista

“Aeternum” Mourning Rosary’ by Ninja D. Evangelista, London College of Fashion, MA Fashion Artefact

A souvenir to remember a loved one and a reminder to the living of the inevitability of death. Ninja’s piece goes on to discuss the tradition – THE DEATH MASK. Capturing a certain chapter in her life she created her own death mask, making her in a way immortal and not constrained on a specific time.

‘Distorted Memories’ by Huiping Yang, Central Saint Martins, MA Fine Art

Using Psychogeography, “Screen Memory” and “Unconscious” by Sigmund Freud, Huiping uses collage works and drawings to express conscious decisions and memories that overlay each other.

‘Interior with Bright Light’ by James Prapaithong, Wimbledon College of Arts, BA Painting

Reminiscent of places that exist in each-and-every one of our memories, ‘Interior with Bright Light’ is intended to create flashbacks and remind us of precious moments in our lives that we may have forgotten once we have moved on.

Politics and Nationality

Central saint martins Graphic Communication DesignWork by Sahar Mangal for Xhibit 2019
Central saint martins Graphic Communication Design Sahar Mangal

‘Houses of Parliament’ by Charlotte Pannell, Camberwell College of Art, BA Painting

With a strong focus on the debates about the UK leaving the European Union, Charlotte’s work comments on the UK’s political system, the contrast of experience and perspective between the political class and the general public at its core.

‘Mohery’ by Karolina Gliniewicz, London College of Communication, BA Photography

Is it a joke? No, it’s not. It’s Poland, baby. Exploring the current political situation in Poland, Karolina will be exhibiting an archived based short film inspired by what she describes as people who are often afraid of change.

‘Altered States’ by Sahar Mangal, Central Saint Martins, Graphic Communication Design

Featuring her mother and father dressed in traditional Afghan dress ‘Altered States’ is a single channel, looping film about perspective, memory, triggers and reactions to them including the self-medication of PTSD.

Work by Central Saint Martins MA Graphic Communication Design Dana Hong Xhibit 2019
Central Saint Martins MA Graphic Communication Design Dana Hong

Mental Health

‘”In My Secure Place – Sunlight, Hydration, meditation”’ (2019) by Dana Hong, Central Saint Martins, MA Graphic Communication Design

Expressing her mental health status via colours, objects and overall drawing style, Dana’s installation series represents her emotions and behaviour during the winter days in the UK. This is her way of providing comfort to people who might feel the same way, especially international students.

‘Introspection Within The Mental Landscape’ by Bunmi Agusto, Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art

After attending therapy to better understand and be at peace with herself, Bunmi began to understand self as being fluid and changes with circumstances and various combinations of events. This piece represents her delving into her own mind and past searching for a solid sense of self that did not exist.

Work by Chelsea College Of Arts BA Fine Art Aikaterini Mimikou for Xhibit 2019
Chelsea College Of Arts BA Fine Art Aikaterini Mimikou

Social Commentary

‘While Doing What My Mom Told Me To’ Aikaterini Mimikou, Chelsea College of Art, BA Fine Art

Why is my brother watching television while I’m ironing his pyjamas? Is one of a series of questions Aikaterini asks as she takes us on a journey of what gender inequality in a family dynamic.

‘Manspreading installation’ by Rafael Morales Cendejas, Camberwell College of Arts, MA Visual Arts: Book Arts

With a keen interest in feminism and interactive reading, Rafael has created a book that deals with the idea of banning the act of sitting with legs spread wide apart, thereby covering more than one seat on public transportation.

An expert panel of industry professionals selected works based on quality, creativity and the strength of voice.

Executive Editor of Bustle UK, Charlotte Owen said:

I'm so excited to have joined the judging panel for Xhibit 2019. UAL has a reputation for producing some of the world's most talented creatives, and I can't wait to share the talent coming up through the pipe line.

Xhibit artists 2019 will each receive:

Place in the Xhibit 2019 exhibition at Koppel Project Central Gallery
Place on the Xhibit 2019 Professional Development Day
A Student Art Pass from the Art Fund*
Tailored industry advice session

[*Thanks to the generous support of Eric and Jean Cass.]

Event details: Xhibit 2019

26 April – 11 May 2019
The Koppel Project Central Gallery
49-50 Poland Street
London W1F 7ND

Xhibit 2019 selection panel

Charlotte Owen: Executive Editor of Bustle UK and Xhibit’s official media partner. Bustle UK will also select a Vision Award winner amongst Xhibit artists.

Resh Sidhu: UAL Honorary Doctorate and AKQA Creative Director, Resh brings her wealth of digital expertise to the judging panel.

Annie-Marie Akussah: Arts SU’s 2018-19 Activities Sabbatical Officer Annie represents the professional development and opportunities offer for the student body. Annie was selected for both Xhibit in 2018 and New Contemporaries in 2019.

Emma Noble: a practicing designer with a demonstrable history having been commissioned by KFC, Ben and Jerrys and music venue Ghost Notes / Wild Flower at Peckham levels.

Annie Warburton: CEO at Cockpit Arts advocates on behalf of our large and extensive maker community at UAL bringing her knowledge of supporting emerging artistic practice.

George Vasey: Wellcome Collection Curator supporting the Fine Art offer of the exhibition.

Xhibit 2019 artists:

Dimitris Agapiou | Bunmi Agusto | Maria Bendixen | Shannon Bono | Sophie Conroy | Ninja D. Evangelista | Jo de Banzie | Casper Dillen | Emma Drye | Alexandra Falade | Joy Fubini | Karolina Gliniewicz | Penny Hartley | Dana Hong | Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee | Sara Lopes | Barbara Majek-Oduyoye | Sahar Mangal | Aikaterini Mimikou | Rafael Morales Cendejas | Emma Morgan | Lucy Neish | Charlotte Pannell | James Prapaithong | Weronika Szymanek | Huiping Yang | Zhihui Zhang