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Climate Action Plan

Case studies

  • A person stands and looks at cardboard open wardrobe with a jacket hanging inside it
    Zeyu Wang, 2022 MA Narrative Environments, Central Saint Martins, UAL

    Climate Action Plan case study: Critical Climate Unit

    BA (Hons) Critical Practice in Fashion Media at London College of Fashion (LCF) has developed a new unit entitled ‘Critical Climate’. The unit equips students with the ability to identify and respond to climate narratives and theories. Enabling experimentation with different forms of activism within the context of environmental justice.

  • Top down view of students gathered around a table looking at items
    MA Material Futures work in progress presentation in The Street at Central Saint Martins | Photograph: John Sturrock

    Climate Action Plan case study: MA Global Collaborative Design Practice

    MA Global Collaborative Design Practice is a two year Masters course at Camberwell College of Arts focusing on taking action on global challenges. It is led in partnership with the Kyoto Institute of Technology and offers a dual award. The course prepares students for effective collaborations. It equips them with the skills to address complex problems.

  • A building with the word emergence written on it in green
    ‘Everyday Heroes’ exhibition at London College of Communication 2018

    Climate Action Plan case study: Responsible Design Framework

    The Responsible Design Framework (RDF) was developed in 2015 within London College of Communication’s Design School. It is a framework and set of case studies designed to evidence a developing range of practices. It seeks to inspire students to consider a way to practice design that responds to the eco-social challenges of our time with the skills and values of responsible creative citizens.

  • A small wooden structure made to look large in a forest through perspective
    Antoina Maisch, 2022 M ARCH: Architecture, Central Saint Martins, UAL | Photograph: Antoina Maisch

    Climate Action Plan case study: Forest School

    Forest School uses the forest as a tool to explore the climate and ecological emergency. The programme is led through a series of events, projects, and partnerships. There are many myths that anchor forests deep in our cultural psyches. Yet the communities that guardian forests globally, continue to be marginalised.

  • A fabric folded with pink and red shades
    Maison/0, Rewilding Textiles Collection 3, 2022 | Photograph: Hung Jui Tsao

    Climate Action Plan case study: Rewilding Textiles

    Rewilding Textiles is a research project from Maison/0. Maison/0 is the Central Saint Martins-LVMH creative platform for regenerative luxury.

  • A person sits and smiles next to a jacket that says
    Centre for Sustainable Fashion, GenGreen workshop at Waltham Forest College, 2019 | Photograph: Curtis Gibson

    Climate Action Plan case study: Centre for Sustainable Fashion

    Working across research, education and knowledge exchange, the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) engages in transformation design. We cross-reference fashion’s ecological, social, economic and cultural agendas. CSF shape and contribute to Fashion Design for Sustainability as a field of study.

  • A person using a letterpress
    Abbie Freeman in the Letterpress Workshop at Camberwell College of Arts, 2017 | Photograph: Alys Tomlinson

    Climate Action Plan case study: Taking environmental action in our workshops

    UAL worked on a pilot to introduce and adapt the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) created by University College London (UCL), at Central Saint Martins (CSM). The pilot was conducted in our technical workshops that cover many disciplines, including textiles, film, photography, ceramics, print, and digital fabrication.

  • Soil with electrical wires in it
    Antonio Quiroga Waldthaler, 2019 BA Sound Arts and Design, London College of Communication, UAL | Photograph: Lewis Bush

    Climate Action Plan case study: Investing in renewable energy

    In 2019, UAL joined forces with 20 of the UK’s leading universities in a £50m deal to buy renewable electricity directly from British wind farms.

  • A person wearing a poncho that says mobilise
    Abbi Fletcher at Parade for Climate Justice during Carnival of Crisis 2021 | Photograph: Ana Blumenkron

    Climate Action Plan case study: Carnival of Crisis

    UAL’s Carnival of Crisis aimed to demonstrate that the arts can, and must, respond to the climate and ecological emergency. Creative action was mobilised through a season of events hosted in parallel with the COP26 Climate Summit.

  • 3 cut out paper and materials making renewable arrow signs, with wool and yarn equipment lying next to it
    Earth Day: Appetite for Justice, 2022 | Photograph: Ana Blumenkron

    Climate Action Plan case study: Earth Day 2022 Appetite for Justice

    Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 – a day when communities around the world have come together to honour the planet. Over half a century on, many of the environmental challenges we face have only become more urgent.