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  • UAL Chancellor #GraysonPerry with @britishvogue publisher @vanessakingori at @lcflondon_ #UALGrads ceremony #graduation #milestone #history #icons #fashion #art #design #artist #leaders #historymakers #inspiring #weareual
  • UAL Chancellor Grayson Perry shares his thoughts on his new #UALGrads robes and gives advice to students. Robes designed by @lcflondon_ student Yuxuan Yang and lecturer Nicholas Williams @patterncutter with over 220,000 beads.
  • #UAL Chancellor #graysonperry looking spectacular in his new #ualgrads robes designed by @lcflondon_ student Yuxuan Yang and structure made by @lcflondon_ lecturer Nicholas Williams. Follow all the action #ualgrads# tag your posts and tweets #UALGrads @patterncutter
  • Camberwell College of Arts @camberwellual MA Visual Arts Degree Show, until 18 July 2018. #UALSummerShows #makingcamberwell
  • Hear UAL students talk about how initiatives across our six Colleges open up a wealth of creative opportunities. Your creative future starts here. Explore our undergraduate courses with places available for September2018
  • #UALSummerShows are in full swing again after a short break. Do not miss the next show @camberwellual MA Visual Arts 12 – 18 July 2018 and tag your pictures with #UALSummerShows for a chance to be featured on our Instagram! Here’s an highlight from Max Kohler @maxakohler’s project ‘Teaching Machines to Draw’, BA (Hons) Graphic Design @camberwellual . . . ‘My final year at Camberwell College of Arts was focused around the idea of teaching machines to draw. It's something that humans have been doing for a long time, from Gutenberg's printing press in the 14th, Jaquet-Droz's drawing automata in the 18th and Google's DeepDream in the 21st century. I engaged with this history through primary research, building a number of drawing machines using different mechanisms, drawing mediums and control algorithms. The result is a body of research containing photographs, written notes, Javascript code, physical prototypes and drawings completed by the machine.’ . . . #degreeshow #ual #celebratecamberwell #graphicdesign #drawing #portrait #drawingmachine #printing #printingpress #drawingtechnique
  • Meet @tashiwainwright.2 who’s just finished his first year studying Fine Art: Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts @wimbledonual. Follow him to get an inside look into life at UAL - he’ll be posting about his experiences studying in the world's cultural capital.
  • We are having an amazing time at #PrideinLondon today! If you see us in the crowd give us a wave! 🌈✨ #WeAreUAL #PrideInUAL #PrideMatters #Pride2018
  • #PrideInUAL – Celebrating diversity and inclusiveness at UAL with @julietdagger and @glitterygerman, BA (Hons) Film and Television graduates from @lcclondon_. Their web series ‘Cake & Candles’ follows a year in the life of best friends Dee, Trix and Kat as they navigate birthdays, relationships and growing up in the vibrant heart of London’s queer scene. EPISODE 1 OUT NOW: go to our stories and swipe up to be redirected to watch the first episode! . . . #PrideInLondon #PrideMatters #lovewins #pride #equality #loveislove #love #lgbt #gay #marriageequality #gaypride #pride2018 #gendernonconforming #genderequity #gayrights #queerrights #bisexualpride #transrightsarehumanrights #standup4humanrights
  • We're all ready for #PrideInLondon this Saturday. Don't forget to pick up your #PrideInUAL badge at the reception of your college! . . . #PrideInUAL #PrideInLondon #PrideMatters #lovewins #pride #equality #loveislove #love #lgbt #gay #marriageequality #gaypride #pride2018 #gendernonconforming #genderequity #gayrights #queerrights #bisexualpride #transrightsarehumanrights #standup4humanrights
  • Smashing gender stereotypes with @charliepiers BA (Hons) Fashion Design graduate from @lcflondon_. The project ‘Cut, Contour & Control’ explored print, stretch fabrics and gender neutral fashion. Featured in: @noctismagazine for the Gender Issue AW 17. . . . Photographer - @montanalowery Stylist - @ravikelay (MA Fashion Journalism @lcflondon_) MUA - @emilymakeup Hair - @ange_lowery Models - @rodentdecay & @finnbarlove . . . #PrideInUAL #PrideInLondon #PrideMatters #lovewins #pride #equality #loveislove #love #lgbt #gay #marriageequality #gaypride #pride2018 #gendernonconforming #genderequity #gayrights #queerrights #bisexualpride #transrightsarehumanrights #standup4humanrights
  • #PrideInUAL – TRANS ARTISTS AND THEIR VISUAL JOURNEYS. Introducing Natalie Wearden @nataliewearden, BA Print and Time-Based Media graduate at @wimbledonual. Wearden is a performance and visual artist based in London, ‘interested in queer intimacies and ways of being okay alone.’ Wearden expressed that their art is a way of controlling a personal narrative, understanding personal growth and human experiences that are too often over-simplified and misunderstood, ‘as a queer person it is so important to be seen and visible in a way that you want to be understood’ they said. Wearden’s art is a way of coping with life’s experiences, be this the distant friendships within their life, the transitional period of graduation, or understanding gender and identity. Significantly, Wearden’s degree show ‘The Best Thing I Ever Made’ encapsulated the journey of their own identify and state of mind after a graduation. In a ‘ritual’ performance, Wearden printed onto tracing paper 3000 of their own Instagram photos, deleting them as each photo was eaten and the caption of the photo was read out. A cleansing of the soul, a way of removing the past and transitioning into a new being. ‘I wanted to make myself blank, I wanted to remove everything,’ they said. By borrowing from Roman Catholic motifs, and re-owning a tradition they grew up with, Wearden used this right of passage to celebrate a new stage in their life. . . . Images: Harriet Ssentongo Fairbairn @harrietoflondon, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, @lcclondon; Words: Edena Klimenti, BA Journalism, @lcclondon. . . . @artefactmag is a print and online publication produced by students in the Journalism and Publishing department at @lcclondon. The A+ Gender and Sexuality special issue is an international collaboration between UAL students, staff and alumni and students and staff at Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona. . . . #PrideInLondon #PrideMatters #lovewins #pride #equality #loveislove #love #lgbt #gay #marriageequality #gaypride #pride2018 #gendernonconforming #genderequity #gayrights #queerrights #bisexualpride #transrightsarehumanrights #standup4humanrights
  • #PrideInUAL: TRANS ARTISTS AND THEIR VISUAL JOURNEYS – Introducing Tom Coates @coatseyy, Fine Art graduate from @csm_news. They use their work to encourage growth, through art that is inspired by science fiction and absurdism, linking this to gender, sexuality and their own identity alike. ‘I make these weird creatures of different kinds, one based on a henry hoover, a huge egg, one giant purple thing, all of which are slightly based on domestic familiar things.’ These familiar things attempt to promote an understanding of our view of the unknown. There is always a familiar ‘home like’ element within the objects, concepts, theories and identities. By looking deeper, we accept and understand that these ‘different’ things are not so different at all. ‘We might all have these differences, and growing up people do try and homogenise us, making us believe there is a certain way to be, but we all know that lurking under the surface there is a big human mess, because humans are not all the same, we are all different and unique.’ Tom attempts to create an understanding of people through their art. If people looked at a familiar aspect within each other, and understood that human identify is far more complex than we wish to accept, it will create a more welcoming and understanding environment for everyone. . . . Images: Harriet Ssentongo Fairbairn @harrietoflondon, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, @lcclondon; Words: Edena Klimenti, BA Journalism, @lcclondon. . . . @artefactmag is a print and online publication produced by students in the Journalism and Publishing department at @lcclondon. The A+ Gender and Sexuality special issue is an international collaboration between UAL students, staff and alumni and students and staff at Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona. . . . #PrideInLondon #PrideMatters #lovewins #pride #equality #loveislove #love #lgbt #gay #marriageequality #gaypride #pride2018 #gendernonconforming #genderequity #gayrights #queerrights #bisexualpride #transrightsarehumanrights #standup4humanrights
  • #PrideInUAL – celebrating diversity and inclusiveness at UAL with @jofetto, BA Fashion Photography graduate from @lcflondon_. I “FEENK U FREEKY” is more a hymn of rebellion rather than an editorial, shouting against all gender conventions that still affect our society nowadays. This project aims at redefining the boundaries of beauty by bringing back a strong sense of primitivism, characterized by Andrea Delorenzi’s designs for his new collection
  • Only one week to go for #PrideInLondon, and we’re delighted to confirm our presence at this year’s parade with #PrideInUAL. The UAL LGBTQ+ Network has organised a walking parade to celebrate London Pride week and UAL's diverse and supportive community. Our parade will be fronted by a UAL branded truck housing our massive sound system and an DJ to proudly show off the inclusivity of UAL. The LGBTQ+ Network at UAL was established in 2008 and is open to UAL staff who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and other identities. Formerly called Queer@arts, the group aims to progress an LGBTQ+ agenda at UAL as well as organising social events for its members and other ‘ally’ staff members who wish to support the community. “UAL is committed to celebrating our rich diversity and to creating a supportive, inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves. That’s the main reason I agreed to be LGBTQ+ Champion for UAL and why I am delighted to announce that we have taken the decision to go for the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. The Index is an established benchmarking tool which allows organisations to measure their progress on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans inclusion in the workplace. As part of the process, we will need to demonstrate our work in 10 areas of policy and practice which impact staff and students. This is an ambitious pan-UAL project which will involve the Diversity team, the LGBTQ+ Staff Network, the Students’ Union and staff from right across UAL working together to ascertain what’s already going well and where we need a bit more focus. I am confident that taking part in the Stonewall Equality Index will demonstrate to current and prospective staff and students that we really do take inclusion seriously.” - Natalie Brett, UAL Pro Vice-Chancellor, Head of London College of Communication & LGBTQ+ Champion. Image: Camilla Gloriso #PrideMatters #lovewins #pride #equality #loveislove #love #lgbt #gay #marriageequality #gaypride #pride2018 #gendernonconforming #genderequity #gayrights #queerrights #bisexualpride #transrightsarehumanrights #standup4humanrights
  • Want to know what it's like being a UAL student? Follow @memuna2barrie @celine__marie @celliseyer @tashiwainwright.2 who are posting about life at Europe's largest specialist art and design university. . . . Meet @memuna2barrie, a 1st year Textile Design student at Central Saint Martins. If you have any questions regarding specifics on Foundation, BA Textiles Design, living in London, her student experience at UAL or anything more general, don’t hesitate to ask her! . . . @celliseyer moved to London from Switzerland to study Live Events and Television at London College of Communication. Follow her for tips and useful insights about life as a UAL student. . . . Meet @tashiwainwright.2 who’s just finished his first year studying Fine Art: Painting at WimbledonCollege of Arts. He’ll be posting about his experiences studying in the world's cultural capital. Follow him to get an in inside look! . . . Meet @celine__marie. Celine recently graduated from BA (Hons) Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion. Follow her as she will be posting about life in London as a recent graduate and how UAL has given her directional guidance needed to follow her path in the industry! #WeAreUAL
  • Meet @memuna2barrie, a year 1 Textile Design student at Central Saint Martins @csm_news. Follow her as she is currently posting about her experiences as a UAL student! #WeAreUAL
  • Getting ready for #PrideInLondon with #PrideInUAL - a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness at UAL through our students and their projects. Today’s highlight is ‘Will you be Mime’, a series of live performances by MA Fine Art student @antonissideras that took place during @wimbledonual #UALSummerShows. ‘Queerrot is a queer mime who marries my passion in queer theory and culture with the long tradition of commedia dell’arte: a genre of improvised street theatre. Queerrot’s perpetual pursuit of company allows me to venture into what I call partycipation: a fun way to engage with live art audiences through the use of props, whilst also instigating a conversation about the relation between queerness, solitude and marginalisation.’ . . . #PrideMatters #lovewins #pride #equality #loveislove #love #lgbt #gay #marriageequality #gaypride #pride2018 #gendernonconforming #genderequity #gayrights #queerrights #bisexualpride #transrightsarehumanrights #standup4humanrights #performance #performingarts #comedy #tragedy #commediadellarte #pierrot #queerrot
  • Becoming a UAL student is a life-changing experience involving growing in confidence, meeting new people and living in the middle of a global cultural and creative centre. Find out more:
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