Oxford Brookes: Bio-imaging workshop residency

Oxford Brookes bio-imaging facility residency
Oxford Brookes bio-imaging facility residency (Nov 2015)
Image courtesy of Rob Kesseler

A two 2-day immersive workshop residency in November 2015 at the bio-imaging facility with Dr Louise Hughes at Oxford Brookes.

Led by Professor Rob Kesseler, UAL Chair of Art, Design and Science, postgraduate students from across UAL's six colleges and course disciplines came together to visit Oxford Brookes bio-imaging facility.

This was a highly successful visit that included students from each of the colleges in UAL. Results from the workshop have already been included in students project work and work by  illustration student Wanxing Deng from Camberwell may feature in the film that Gareth Johnson is currently making about my various projects.

Some student feedback from the visit:

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury, MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts:

"The idea behind the visit was to provide us with an opportunity to experience working on some state of the art microscopes in the molecular biology labs at the University. The two days turned out to be hugely inspiring. I took a mass of photographs and films of a stunningly beautiful world that is to small for the naked eye to see. The experience of studying a tiny part of the living microbiological world has opened my mind to the wonder and beauty of the things around us that we take for granted".

Gonzalo Caravia Garcia, MA Graphic Design Communication, Chelsea College of Arts:

"In this workshop (called “Microworlds”) we were introduced to the possibilities and newest equipment acquired by the microbiology department in order to research about any kind of material and the process they have to go through in order to work with each microscope and material. Starting from a optical microscope to a molecular and cell-detail one.

My project during this workshop was to research about how a very common and daily object such as money and bills can be seen differently though a microscope. I used some bills form my home-country Uruguay". 

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Inês Artista, MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts:

"It was with great exhilaration that I managed to get on a 'school trip' with Rob Kesseler, the Chair of Art and Science at CSM, who kindly organised this game changing experience when went to the Oxford Brookes' laboratories in order to experience looking through microscopes.

I spent the whole day grinning and smiling! I sometimes thought I was probably being too enthusiastic by asking a thousand questions, but opportunities like this don't happen often. I just couldn't believe I was investigating, scientifically, my subject matter (there's a pun in this because matter means material in latin). This visit was enlightening in many ways. In the broadest and deeper sense of the masters it made feel in a palpable way that Arts' investigation can be thorough and made me believe and experience by feeling that I am truly an investigator. At project level, it made me enter - literally - the world of paper, an experience that made me realise that I have always felt that the entering was the exciting part for me in various aspects of my life, including that of books. The microscope was for me what a portal is to another dimension and the knowledge of operating and understanding it the key to open this portal". 

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