About Face

Don't stare it's rude
Mark Fairnington Ann-Lena, 2012. Oil on panel, 7.4cm diameter, 2012

About Face brings together artists, theorists, curators and writers within UAL to explore the edges of contemporary portraiture.

This group is supported by the UAL Community of Practice Fund. It examines what happens when different disciplines and perspectives are brought to bear on the concept of portraiture, treating it as an open proposition. The group provides a platform for UAL colleagues and external partners to share and develop research around portraiture, questions of identity and the embodied self, building connections between emerging definitions and ideas and establishing a network both across UAL and beyond.

The Group‘s evolving activities include discussions, dialogue, symposia and visits.


Group members

Recent activities & outputs

An event chaired by Anita Taylor building on the connections and links established in the first symposium, including presentations by Stephen Farthing and Ian King, Eileen Hogan and Sarah Jaffray, Dominic Janes, Jo Melvin, Isabel Seligman and Colin Wiggins, Felicity Allen, Gavin Turk and Jennifer Scott.‌ Don't Stare it's rude symposium Programme (1411KB PDF)